Favourite Family Attractions When Camping In BC

Finding fun activities while camping often takes a bit of research. I have put together my 5 favourite  family attractions when camping in BC. It was very hard to get this list to 5 and there was no way I could rank them so I took the easy way out and I will list them in alphabetical order. I have selected activities that are unique to BC and represent our landscape and environment.1. Fishing – whether you fish on a lake, ocean or river, fishing in BC is a sought after activity. On the high end you can book a guided fishing tour and hope to bring in a salmon or sturgeon. The other option is simple, fish off a dock, rock or shore. Whatever you do it will be relaxing and exciting. You will get a view of BC that can only be experienced at the waters edge or from a boat. Nothing will top your child’s experience more than reeling in a trout and then frying it up for dinner.

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2. Tubing down the Penticton Canal – I covered this in an earlier blog, North Okanagan Provincial Park, and it is good enough to make my top 5 list. Heading to the canal on a sunny summer day and then taking a leisurely float down is fun and relaxing. Pack a floating cooler with a few cool beverages and you are on your way.


3. Surfing – This was covered in the Bella Pacifica Campground Blog and it was the surfing that made this trip stand out for our kids. After their lesson and a day on their own they were ready to sign up for more. When we were heading home from this trip we asked the kids if they would like to return the next year or go to Disneyland, both picked surfing in Tofino hands down. Enough said, take your kids surfing!

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4. Whale Watching – this is truly a West Coast highlight. There are several whale watching tour companies in various sizes and kinds of boats. The Zodiac tours are often the most popular because they can skip around chasing whale sighting with speed and ease but the larger tours can be more relaxing. Either way if you are lucky enough to see whales breaching it will be a memory that will last a lifetime. My parents lived on a boat for years so my children had the luxury of viewing all kinds of sea life but whales were always the most spectacular.


5 . White Water Rafting – the rivers in BC are famous for their rafting tours and there is a wide range of levels to suit the age and risk level of your family. You can take a floating tour and look for birds and wildlife or risk the rapids in a group tour. These tours are guided and all the equipment is provided but they are popular so book early to ensure you get the date and tour you want.



16 thoughts on “Favourite Family Attractions When Camping In BC

  1. So much to do on the waterways in B.C. I live here, and still haven’t done most of the things on your list. Whale watching and white water rafting are high on my list. Thanks for the reminder to get out of Vancouver and start enjoying the rest of my province.


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