Q – Quality time with your family

QThis was the perfect spring weekend. The forecast was for sun, we had a family birthday and our kids had room in their busy schedules. For all these reasons it only seemed fitting to make “Quality Time” the only topic for the “Q” in the A to Z Challenge.


Boundary Bay Regional Park

Saturday we headed to Tsawwassen to watch our son play baseball. If you have kids in sports you can appreciate that when they have to get there an hour ahead of game time, it means you have time to burn.  We just bought new bikes so this seemed like the perfect place to break them in. From the baseball field it was just a 10 minute ride to Boundary Bay Park. It’s a beautiful ocean-front park with cycling and walking trails that boast incredible views of the mountains and Vancouver’s skyline. We stopped for a latte on the park bench before heading back to watch the ball game.

IMG_1420 IMG_1419


Bike Path at Boundary Bay


Crescent Beach

Sunday was my husband, Blair’s, birthday and  our kids were free from sports, work and any other scheduled events that normally keep us heading in all directions. A quick check of the tide tables determined it was low tide at 1:00, perfect timing for an afternoon at the beach. It was like the stars were aligned for a perfect family day!  We are about a 30 minute drive from Crescent Beach which is a beautiful ocean-front community in South Surrey. With the tide out it feels like you could walk for hours and although the town was semi-busy it felt like we were the only ones out on the sand. We took our 2 dogs who love to run along the beach.  As we walked bare foot through the tide pools, stepping over shells and crabs, we wondered why we don’t do this more often.

IMG_1430 IMG_1431

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