Z30 days of the A To Z Challenge and we are now at the end. It has involved 26 posts in 30 days and in that time I have learned a lot about blogging and ways to be successful.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to check out my site and a special thanks to those who have sent me a comment or some feedback on my various posts. It has been great hearing your stories and reading what you are all up to.

Moms IPhone 127I am now at 59 countries, over 6200 views and over 1000 total followers, well beyond my expectation. The A to Z Challenge has really increased my visibility and simplified my post. For that it has been worth it but the added benefit is, all the great blogs I have discovered on topics from parenting, to cooking and of course travel and camping.

I have enjoyed the A To Z Challenge but now I will rest and maybe take the weekend off to catch up on my “Zzzzz’s”

Thanks from Camp That Site!

10 thoughts on “ZZZZZZZZZZZZ- I’m Done

  1. It’s been fn following you A to Z adventure. Looking forward to more posts this summer! I am sure there will be some great camping ahead:)

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