A Summary of my A to Z Challenge!

imageFor the month of April I took on the A to Z Challenge.  I wrote a post each day (except Sunday’s) that corresponded with each letter of the alphabet. This was a fun and challenging task. I thought I would take a page out of Travels With Choppy’s blog and do a summary list with links to each of my post.

A – Alice Lake

B – Beaches, Top 5 Beach Campgrounds

C – Camping Coffee – The Best Time of the Day

D – Down with Dogs!

E – Post Secondary Education, the Stress!

F – Favourite Family Attractions When Camping in BC

G – Golden, BC

H – 5 Hammock Styles for your next camping trip!

I – Ice Cream

J – Julie the Cruise Director

K – Kelowna’s Kettle Valley Railroad, BC

L – 5 Top Lakes to Camp at in BC

M – Motion – The Face Of Emotion.

N – Nehalem Bay State Park, Manzanita, Oregon

O – Outdoors, get out there and enjoy it!

P – Playoffs, enough said!

Q – Quality Time with your Family

R – Recipes for Camping.

S – Seaquest State Park, Castle Rock, Washington

T – Travel: The Three Stages Of.

U – Camping in the USA

V – Versatile Blogger Award

W – Westerbay Marine Village – Victoria, BC

X – X – Marks the Spot!

Y – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Z – Zzzzzzzzzz – I’m done

Thank you to the organizers of the A to Z Challenge for putting together such a great event. I had a fantastic time, learnt a lot and found many great blogs to follow and learn from. Now I need to find another challenge to help me stay motivated and focused.

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