May Long Weekend – The kick off to camping season!

It is clear from my Facebook and Twitter feed that the campgrounds will be busy this weekend. The Victoria Day long weekend marks the unofficial start to the Canadian summer. For campers, the problem of getting a campsite begins, but if you were lucky enough to snag one, then enjoy your time.

IMG_0194 IMG_0195

We were unable to get a site but are hoping to spend some time with friends who did luck out. We are heading to Delta Grove at Cultus Lake for a night and hoping the weather Gods are in our corner. I have reviewed Cutlus Lake in a previous blog so on this trip I will gather more photos and site selection tips.Moms IPhone 146 Blairs Iphone 471

We like to make our first trip of the season short and close to home. This trip requires a lot of work organizing and packing up the trailer and then, undoubtedly, discovering things that need repairs and making a list of items we have forgotten or run out of. Here is a check list from Canadian Living Magazine to help you organize your items.


If you follow my blog you will know we upgraded from a tent trailer to a travel trailer late last summer. That purchase lead to several Christmas, Birthday and anniversary gifts focused around camping gear. We have now loaded all the gear and are excited to try it out.

imageThe list of new items:

  • my comfy camping chair and foot stool.
  • a new propane stove because we still prefer to cook outside.
  • ice maker for those longer trips with electricity
  • LED light bulbs, let’s see how long the battery will last
  • short stemmed, stackable wine glasses, a must have!
  • new bikes
  • kayaks (borrowed from my parents for the camping season)

It seems like a lot of toys for a night or two but we are excited to try it all out so the effort is worth it. If you have any new gear that is a must have please include it in a comment. I can’t wait to tell you how it went. Based on out history (cell phones in fires, tires falling off and trips to emergency) I am sure we will have another story to add to the collection.

Camera 027

If you are heading out this weekend, have fun, be safe and take your time. We live by my husbands favourite quote;

“The point of the journey is not to arrive”

One thought on “May Long Weekend – The kick off to camping season!

  1. Two things we have purchased over the past year are Toas Tites [making your own hot pockets – my favorite is sweet Nutella & banana and savory is pastrami & cheese] and a Panini Press [both you can get on Amazon]. We have used them over the fire mostly but have been successful in using the Panini press on a really windy/rainy trip in January over the camp stove. Our friend Jane has a camp oven and has perfected the fine art of camping scones. To. Die. For. For us in the states our long weekend is at the end of May but we are headed out camping in a few hours. Have a blast this weekend!

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