Once in a Lifetime, a week to remember!

For the past week I have been away from my blog enjoying one of life’s rewarding moments. I realize this is a camping blog but I couldn’t help sharing this post. My daughter and niece are both graduating from high school this year and this was a week full of memorable mements and activities.

IMG_1458 IMG_1474

It started Tuesday when I was lucky to attend my niece’s commencement ceremonies. I was so proud to watch this beautiful young lady cross the stage and receive her high school diploma while also being honored with a scholarship. She has always been a bright spot in my life and I am so excited to watch her move into the next stage of hers.

IMG_1470 IMG_1467

Wednesday my daughter celebrated her 18th birthday making the first step into her adult life. Most years a birthday is a big celebration in our house but with her graduation dinner and dance only days away her birthday was low key. A decorated school locker, family dinner out and a visit with grandparents made for a busy enough day.


Friday was the big event, graduation dinner, dance and dry grad. It was a very proud day for Blair and I. Our daughter has always made education a top priority and she has pushed herself in this area harder than anyone else we know. Her tireless work ethic has impressed us beyond belief and this day is her chance to enjoy all her hard work with her friends. We are so proud to watch this smart, beautiful young lady close off this chapter of her life with such a great event. It exceed all of our and her expectations and gave us all memories we will have forever.

It was an early start with a hair appointment at 9:00 am, makeup at 10:30,

image image

family photos at 11:30,

IMG_1477 IMG_1487 IMG_1491 IMG_1496

friend photos at 1:00,

IMG_1532 IMG_1565

IMG_1550 IMG_1500

limo at 2:00,

IMG_1607 IMG_1608

scenic park photos at 2:00,

IMG_1650 IMG_1654

IMG_1621 IMG_1666

art gallery class photos at 5:00

IMG_1679 IMG_1684

parent toast and dance at 6:00


dinner and dance 7:00 – 11:00

IMG_1721 IMG_1719

dry grad 12:00 am until 5:00 am

IMG_1750 IMG_1775 IMG_1779

and then off to bed….okay that happened a bit early.


As I write this I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s event which is my neice’s dinner and dance. She will spend hours preparing for a gala evening with friends and family, enjoying a celebration to remember.

We are so proud of both your girls and all your friends. Graduation from high school is the first of many educational achievements in your life. Enjoy each moment because I know I sure have.

Love you both, C & B


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