Bring On Summer vacation!


imageToday I head out for my last day of work until September. One of the many great things about working in the school system is the summers off. I get to enjoy a long break during the hottest months of the year and spend both quality and quantity time with my family. As my kids get older the quantity of time decreases so quality becomes more important.

imageNow in saying that most of our camping trips this summer involve leaving the kids at home but it is still time off and I can’t wait.  We also plan to make hiking a bigger priority this summer so I hope to start a hiking tab on my blog. We will see if the wine gets in the way of that plan.

So for now we say goodbye to some friends who are moving on to other schools. It’s a sad day for that reason but I know I will see all these people again at some point and I hope it is at a campground in the near future.

Good luck today




7 thoughts on “Bring On Summer vacation!

  1. Don’t let wine stop you from hiking – my favorite part of hiking is getting to the end of the trail and having a glass (or two or three) wherever we end up. Bonus: things weigh less when you walk home! Unfortunately, pit stops are often needed after this. And tricky trails become slightly trickier. However, these are small prices to pay.


  2. My husband and I are avid campers and we love taking the kids on our trips when school is out. Sadly my oldest isn’t a real fan of the whole “roughing it” idea so we are thinking about doing something a little different this year. A friend of ours told us about Grandfather Mountain cabin rentals in North Carolina which is only a few hours from where we live. I know they would love a great cabin with some hiking trails. I might be booking a trip pretty soon!

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