WPC – Beneath Your Feet

I am a little behind on these challenges but I like doing them so much that rather than ignore the ones I missed I am just going to catch up.

This photo challenge is titled Beneath Your Feet and my photos goes back to 2004 when we took the kids across their first suspension bridge. Β It was a fun and memorable experience for us all.


7 thoughts on “WPC – Beneath Your Feet

  1. My goodness, does the bridge end in China? It really is a great picture. A picture can help us remember the most vivid moments even though they occurred some time ago. A memory (without a picture or visual reference) can never achieve the clarity a picture reveals. Pretty amazing.


  2. I thought I would have more time to blog in the summer because I am off work but it is not working out that way. I guess I am just having too much fun. Hope that’s why you are falling behind as well


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