About Describes Why We Have An RV, Enough Said!

We tried tenting and loved the idea but we were just no good at it and trying to get that tent back in the bag, impossible. This about sums up our journey to an RV.


4 thoughts on “About Describes Why We Have An RV, Enough Said!

  1. I’ll bet RVing offers more opportunities than simply tent camping as well. I think tent camping is looking more at the challenges where RVing is looking more at diversification with relaxation.

    Just a quick note: My writing and reading will be spotty until October. My mother passed and I am helping my father with the process. I did not want you to think I was ignoring your blog. Looking forward to getting back with our community soon.

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    • I am so sorry for your loss. As our parents age and struggle with their health it is a reminder of the importance of each visit and family gathering. We have had a summer helping my in laws sort out various health issues and it was a difficult time. Enjoy the time with your father reflecting on memories.

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  2. Hahaha, this is way too funny! Sad enough, it happens pretty much like this. The funniest story I have with a tent is from a summer when we went camping in the mountains and took all the parts with us, except the actual….tent (the cloth). We looked pretty dumb with all the cool camping gear and no tent :)) We ended up sleeping in the car. Now me and my boyfriend have a small camper and it’s so much better! Home away from home, and no hassle 🙂

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    • You are so right Lucy, the one thing a tent will always provide is funny stories that went wrong. We too went camping only to find we were missing the end pole. At least we could improvise with a branch, not much you can do without the cloth.

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