5 Simple Solutions For Broken Tarp Grommets.

As west coast campers, having a tarp in our RV is a necessary addition. It doesn’t  matter how much we spend on a tarp, the grommets always seem to blow out well before the tarp leaks. Due to the popularity of any of my tarping blogs (skyhook and How to Rig a Tarp) it appears tarping is an issues for most campers. For that reason I decide to put together a list of ways to save, repair or replace tarp grommets.

Cheap and Easy


For a $1.50 you can purchase this repair kit from MEC.  coghlans-plastic-tenttarp-grommets-package-of-8


There is always the old standby of putting a rock under the tarp and tying a rope around it. A better option for this is a golf ball. It is small enough in size but does not have the sharp edges to further damage the tarp. It is easy enough to keep a couple of golf balls in your camping gear in case of an emergency repair.

Reusable and easy to attach

MoreTornGrommetCorner1[1]  You can buy these in packs of 4 to 48. They start at $11 USD and go up to $50. This company also offers mountable product and quick tie downs. We have the item shown above and it is easy to use and save the life of your tarp. www.tarptiedown.com/

51Rb7JOoJdL[1]These come in a pack of 4 for $22 CDN. They are reusable and easy to store. Byer-Outdoor-Gear-Reusable-Grommets

And finally when there is no solution in sight!


A pair of scissors and some coloured duct tape and you have an easy to store game.


5 thoughts on “5 Simple Solutions For Broken Tarp Grommets.

  1. Thank you for expanding my vocabulary. I never knew what a grommet was! Thought it was that character that “stole Christmas” in the Dr. Seuss books. 😀 Seriously, your tips are fantastic. Your experience in camping and traveling provides a plethora of value for others. In many cases, it not only provides great tips on things to do, but also provides great preventative ideas to avoid situations that could ruin a successful outing. Great job!


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