Croatia – Any Advice Is Welcome!!!

Sometimes a break is in order and I found that the case this October.  I got caught up in planning a dream vacation which is almost as much fun as the vacation. Next summer we will take a 2+ week vacation to Croatia and I am so excited. We have been talking about this destination for a few years now and finally all our stars aligned.


Our traveling companions are 3 other couples that we normally camp with so finding accommodations was a challenge. Villas for 8 with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is not common place in this historic country but after many hours on the various booking sites we found it. Who knew how complicated it would be to book trips outside of Expedia. Wire transfers and PayPal are new to us but I think we have managed.

I can now get back to my blog but not before asking if any of you have visited or live in Croatia, I would love to hear from you. Any tips, tricks or recommendations are very welcome. We will only be there a short time and want to see as much as possible.

I hope to hear from you but for now back to camping!

11 thoughts on “Croatia – Any Advice Is Welcome!!!

  1. Croatia is a beautiful place, I was there years ago! I like the coast, where you can find history and nature. I can suggest a stop in the historical center of Rovinj with its Venetian influence and …its wild sea! Croatia offers many place to visit, my only criticism is that unfortunately in some touristic area they have used concrete to make platform near the sea..

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  2. Hello, we are caravanists from Europe. We have travelled through lot of Europe countries especially Croatia. If You want some informations, please ask. We are from Czech rep. We can share photos from: Croatia, Germány, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Slowakia, Slowenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Austria … And certainly Czech with Prague. All these countries are very beutifull. If You want, we can some time write. But our English bad is, sorry. Lot of greetings from Czech

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  3. In addition to visiting Dubrovnik on our recent World Cruise, I made may visits to Croatia back in the late 70’s. Would be happy to provide any info or photos to help with your planning.

    The wall around the old city should not be missed.

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