How To “Camp That Site” Is Back!

12 months of blogging and it has been an interesting ride. With the help of my husband we have created an electronic scrapbook of all our family camping trips. We have shared our reviews, tips and funny stories all while researching new products and campgrounds. We have connected with so many other campers and learned that camping outside of Canada must be on our bucket list.


Christmas 2008 was spent enjoying the snow at our trailer. Still one of the most memorable holidays we have had.

The biggest challenge has come in the last 3 months. Living in Canada means camping usually winds down at the end of September. Once we moved into October and my work consumed more time it became difficult to think of interesting content. I didn’t want to fill my blog with other people’s links so I opted to take a break.

Moms IPhone 096Christmas has now come and gone which means we are starting to think of camping again. We have a big trip planned this summer and it doesn’t involve camping but that doesn’t mean our trailer won’t get its share of use. Bookings for the spring and summer must be made soon so it is time rekindle the blog.

What I have learned is, as next October approaches, I need to find a winter angle to adopt. Something that will allow me to blog when it’s to cold and wet to camp. But for now I will continue with camping reviews, hiking trails, stories, tips, recipes and products. Spring is just around the corner!


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