Throw Back Thursday – Great Sleeping Bags

Originally posted in March here are some great sleeping bags as the weather starts to Change.

Super Hero Snuggie


The adult version of the bag I featured earlier. It’s like a sleeping bag snuggie and also comes in several super hero themes as well. The Original model is good to -9 Celsius. There is also a model for warmer weather.

sells from $149 to $199 USD Continue reading

Cold Feet, This Might Be The Answer.

We all know how much dirt gets tracked in and out of an RV at any given time. Whether it be from the dogs, kids or any other visitor, I seem to sweep my RV several times a day. I would love to have a carpet under my feet when I am doing dishes but with all the dirt it just isn’t an option.


While researching for my blog I came across this washable nonslide rug that just might be the answer for us campers. Has anyone tried this product?


They are affordable, washable, and come in various sizes and colors. Sounds like the perfect partnership for camping. I just might have to try this out and if I do I will let you know how they work.

A Campers Dream, Floating & Amp; Napping In One!

This items covers off two of my top priorities  when camping. 1. Something to float on 2. Something to nap in. All it needs now is a drink holder, oh ya and someone to construct it for me.

Add this items to my hammock and floating posts. It’s a keeper!


What To Get The Camper Who Has Everything? You Have Got To Be Kidding!

I came across this hammock hot tub. It looks like fun to try out but not really for your mainstream camper.


An Unusual Idea For Tarping! Who Knew?


Tarping solutions are one of my most popular topics. With that in mind, I am always looking for new ideas to share on my blog. That and being from the West Coast where we find ourselves camping in the rain on a regular basis, often without tarps being set up? (See exhibit A for our recent trip in the rain without tarps.)

IMG_1435On that same trip  we came across a guy who had the ultimate tarping set up. He had tarped almost his entire site and did it using a product I had never seen in a campground, dry wall supports. He had several  placed throughout his site. Now in my opinion this was too many because they looked like a bit of a tripping or pet leash hazard but 2 or 3 would be great. I was also impressed by height you can get from these, no more ducking when you enter the tarp area.

61HbbeQzGeL__SL1500_ t74500

What is unique about this product is the flat top and bottom making them great for camping because they are not sharp or pointy and would not ruin your tarp.  The posts come in 2 different telescopic heights  5-9 foot and 6-12 foot, which adds to their flexibility and ease of storage. Place one on your picnic table and then support the edges with Skyhooks and you just might have the perfect tarping system. No trees, these would still work but then you would require 5. A tall one in the center and one on each corner to anchor. The downside of these is the price and weight. They range from $30 to $40 each and are construction site quality making them heavy.  You won’t want to buy more that you need. The model I could find are made by Task Tools but I suspect there are similar products in other parts of the world.


I am going to try to get my hands on a set of these and I will then do a review of how they work but from the photo and discussion with the original camper who showed them to showed us, I suspect they will be great.

Mosquitos Be Gone! A Summary Of Your Top Solution.

imageI shared my “Chuckle Monday – Mosquito Madness” with some Facebook Groups and was surprised with the variety of solutions I was offered. I got the usual remedies that we all know about but I also got some interesting home remedies that I plan to try out. Here are the most common solutions.

Top items you can purchaseimage

  • Johnson’s baby cream oil, aloe vera & vitamin D: I had never heard of this but it was mentioned by numerous fellow campers so it must be worth a try.
  • THERMACELL: I have seen this in the stores but always thought it was a bit pricey especially when I was not sure if it would work. By all the responses it appears it works.
  • Skin So Soft by Avon: apparently in the green container. I have heard this for years, never tried it, but again there were several posts singing its praises so I suspect it would be worth a try.
  • Mosquito Bages: this is a product out of the USA, not sure if it works but would be easy.
  • Watkins Insect Repellent: Watkins products are usually good quality so there is no reason to think the bug spray wouldn’t be as well. It was mentioned by several as well.
  • A fan
  • Light coloured clothing


Top home remedy items.

  • In a 16 oz bottle mix: 15 drops of lavendar oil, 3-4 tbsp vanilla extract, 1/4 cup lemon juice, fill with water, shake and it’s ready to use. Sounds like it smells great.
  • In a bottle mix 1/3 off, 1/3 dettol, 1/3 cheap body moisturizer (unscented), a few drops lavendar oil, mix and lather on.image
  • Dryer sheets (bounce was mentioned by most) wipe exposed body part with the sheets as well as tables and chairs to deter mosquitos from the area.
  • In a large spray bottle combine: a big bottle of blue cheap mouthwash, 3 cups Epsom salt, 3 stale 12 oz cheap beer. Mix until salt is dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit near, tables, chairs, plants, post, it will not harm anything and they claim it will deter mosquitos for 80 days before you have to reapply to furniture or yard area. Now that would be nice.
  • A smokey campfire

Wine – wherever do I put my glass?

If you have followed my blog at all you will know I am a bit of a wine drinker! I also like to drink my wine out of a stemmed wine glass, call me a traditionalist. When camping that can be a bit of a problem but true to the camping Gods, there is always a solution.


Here are some of the products I have found to help solve my problem.

A table stake solution, holds the bottle, a glass along with a snack.


A solution when you are spread out a little more.


Next up the standard camping chair accessory made for wine drinkers,


Another wine glass holder for you campers


For those couple who drink wine and beer while waiting for a call, check this out


And for for those of you who need to carry your wine with you


Where to dry those bathing suits? Camping gear solution!

Trying to find a spot to dry all the beach towels, bathing suits and dish rags, here is an items for you. If your RV has a ladder it’s easy. This gadget attaches to your RV ladder and appears to provide tons of drying space in your campsite without causing obstacles to avoid. No ladder, no problem, it comes with a mounting brack to use in your home or on your RV wall. Looks like a great solution.


image image

Solar Power Must Haves for Camping

imageModern conviences are becoming much easier to take camping thanks to all the new solar powered gadgets. Having electronic devices while camping can seem a bit ludicrous to some but for the rest of us it is a welcome addition. There is a huge range of products now on the market from the very expensive concept items to the basic flashlights.

Take a look at these cool items. 

The Concept Tent has been designed by  Telecom Orange and uses advanced technology.  It will charge all your gadgets with solar power and control them all with the wireless control hub. It is not in production yet but it is not far off and it will change they way we camp. Maybe tent camping will become more mainstream again.

Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent


Solar Cool Technology: This solar powered cooler is now available for pre order but it is very new to the market.

Solar Cool Technology


Snow Lizard SLXTREME Smartphone Case – solar powered phone charger, waterproof and impact proof. Great for camping. $149.98


Solar Power Integrated Back Pack. $99.99


What every camping woman needs!



$40 and you can add this to your camping wardrobe.

Thanks Teresa M. For sending me this link.