5 things I didn’t know about my cycle tour.

IMG_2019Last Sunday I participated in my first cycle tour. Now I use this term lightly because in the world of cycle tours this was really a bike ride but I have the brochure that says “Fraser Valley Cycle Tour” and because that sounds a lot more impressive, I am going with that. The “tour” was only 25 km and flat so for me that sounded challenging, but for a cyclist, I get it, it’s a warm up. Continue reading


Whistler, BC – Things to do and see in the summer.


riverside-receptionWhistler, British Columbia is one of my favourite places to visit in the summer. There is so much to do and so many people to watch that it is impossible to be bored. As mentioned in my review of Riverside Campground, we spent 3 nights in Whistler with 2 other couples all camping in RV’s.  We planned to hike, bike and enjoy the beach during this trip and we were not disappointed. Continue reading

Joffre Lake Hike – Pemberton, BC

Joffre Lake

imageLast weekend we headed out for a 7 day 3 campground excursion with 2 other couples. I affectionately called it the 7 day hike but after day one we were not sure we would still be walking. 4 of us arrived at Nairn Falls Provincial Park in Pemberton, BC and after arrival I explained my 7 day hike theme. As a group of campers who call bocci exercise, you can imagine how well received my idea was but they are all troopers and appeasingly agreed. Continue reading

Nairn Falls Hike – Pemberton, BC


Hike number 2 on our 7 day hiking trip was Nairn Falls located just south of Pemberton. We had set up camp at Nairn Falls Provincial Park for one night so we needed a short hike in the morning before we had to check out. The hike from the parking lot to the falls is only 1.5 km so it fit the bill just right. It was also an easy hike and because we were all recovering from our Joffre Lake hike the day before it seemed perfect. Continue reading

Kettle Valley Railway Hike – Kelowna, BC

Blairs Iphone 498Myra Canyon Society mapPart of the famous Kettle Valley Railroad runs through Kelowna and is spectacular.

This 12 km portion of the former  railway goes through the Myra Canyon and is a great ride for bicyclists of all levels. As you ride, walk or run along the railway bed you will cross 18 trestles and go through 2 tunnels. You will marvel at the turn of the century engineering used to construct the mountainous railway and these amazing structures. Continue reading