WPC -Broken, one thing we do well when camping!

Blairs Iphone 353This weekly photo challenge is “Broken”. The problem with this is trying to decide which “broken” photo I will share. As a camper “broken” is a term we have become very familiar with. We have had broken jacks, broken tires, broken cranks, broken furnaces, you name it, we have broke it. There is one broken story that takes the cake.

My daughter is notoriously bad with her cell phone and on this particular camping trip she stood up to get the marshmallows only to watch her cell phone go flying from her lap right into the fire. The quick thinker that she is, she quickly realized she needed some evidence of the phone in order to use her Apple Care. Reaching for the fire poker she was able to dig out what was left of her phone.

This is what an iPhone looks like after a few minutes in a camp fire

This is what an iPhone looks like after a few minutes in a camp fire

When we took it back to Apple they were impressed not only with the story but that she was quick enough to save part of the phone, (this was not her first rodeo). Fortunately she purchased Apple Care and for the cost of her deductible her broken phone was exchanged for a new model and she was off and running.

WPC – Force of Nature, a Mother’s Love

IMG_4933As a proud mother of 2 there is not a force of nature stronger than my love for my children. I know I am not alone in this feeling so for this weeks “Force of Nature” photo challenge I am posting a second photo.

To my children,  I love you to the end of the earth and back.

To my mother, thank you for all your love and support. You sacrificed so much while raising us and we truely admire and appreciate you.

To my dear friends who are mothers, aunts and grandmothers , you work hard every to raise these wonderful children. I hope you all had the chance to sit back and enjoy some family time. In this busy life we all lead it’s important to embrace these moment. Hugs to you all!

WPC -The Force of the Ocean

This weeks photo challenge is The Force of Nature. It was very hard to pick my topic but being from the West Coast the ocean seemed a great place to start.

There are few things more memorizing than watching the tides come in and out. Recently we visited Los Cabos and were so impressed. The strong waves and open ocean made for incredible rip tides that we watched for hours. Even better with a margarita in hand.

IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1359 IMG_1360

WPC – In-tri-cate

in·tri·cate – adjective
very complicated or detailed.

This weeks photo challenge I am picking these pictures of me learning to reverse our new trailer.

image image

Intricate usually brings images of small delicate details. Forr me, on this day, this lesson was intricate. The smallest turn of the wheel and that trailer was headed in the wrong direction. I know as I get better I will realize this task it not that intricate at all, but as I learn I find it very intricate.

WPC -Motion, The Face of Emotion.

This week the Weekly Photo Challenge is Motion and just by coincidence the one letter I skipped on the A to Z Challenge was M so today I can cover off two themes with one post.

Over the years our family has spent countless hours at the ball field and the soccer pitch. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your children participate in something they enjoy. Here is my view of motion.

image image image

image imageimage