C – Camping Coffee – the best time of the day

The A to Z Challenge is now at “C” and as a camper that can mean nothing other than Coffee.

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As you wake up to the crisp morning air, the sun rising and the smell of coffee perking you will remember just why you camp.The sound of the coffee bubbling away and the smell as the aroma increases only helps to wake you up on even the coolest of camping mornings.  Even though we often camp with the conviences of electricity we still percolate our coffee. 


Being an early riser I have always loved getting up and enjoying that first cup of coffee before the rest of the campground has even rolled over. Listening to the birds chirping and watching the squirrels move about is all part of this morning ritual. It is a time to enjoy the sunrise by walking the dogs down to the beach or log that overlooks an ocean view.  Maybe it’s just pulling out my book and taking in a few chapters before the others start to get up. As the morning dew lifts and the sun starts to warm up the campground it’s a chance to reflect on the memories of the campfire that was.

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And then it happens: the distant cry of a child or bark of a dog. The frame of an RV creeking as there is movement inside and doors begin to open as my sleepy campers begin emerge looking for breakfast. It’s now time for a second cup as the new aroma of bacon replaces the coffee.

Somehow the second cup is never the same as the first!

Photo Credit: Thanks to my good friend, livingthedreamgirl, Colleen M. for the great shots

B – Beaches, Top Five Beach Campgrounds!

Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge brings me to “B”. What makes camping better than a great beach and we have camped at some great beaches. I will do my best to give you my top 5 campgrounds based on the beach alone.

#1 Park Sands Beach Resort – Located in Qualicum Beach which is famous for the miles and miles of sandy beach. Visit when the tide is out and you can walk out as far as the eye can see. That coupled with great summer weather put any campground in Parksville or Qualicum Beach a top choice.

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#2 Bella Pacifica Campground – located just outside of Tofino on the South side of Vancouver Island, Bella Pacific Campground is right on the Pacific Ocean. This beach has endless views and miles of Sandy beach, perfect for beach combing or peaceful walks. Famous for the storms, whales and beaches makes any ocean front campground in Tofino or Ucluelet a safe bet if you are seeking beach time.

101_1445 101_1455 IMG_4280 IMG_4277

#3 Nahalem Bay State Park – yes another ocean campground but it is impossible to beat the power of the sea. There are several campground along the Oregon Coast and any of them would be a great choice. Fog might be the only deterrent for a successful summer stay along the coast but either way an ocean front campground is worth booking.

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#4 Jessie Honeyman State Park – the only fresh water beach on the list. It makes the list because of the sand dunes it is located on, the great weather of the area and the spectacular views of the area. If you climb the dunes you will still get the views of the ocean while enjoying the comforts of a fresh water lake.

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#5 Montague Harbour Provincial Park – On one of the Gulf Islands, Montague Harbour Provincial Park can be found on Galiano Island. The beach combing is what makes this one of my top choices. It has a unique shell beach which offers hours of great walks

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Alice Lake Provincial Park – Squamish, BC.



Alice Lake Provincial Park.


This park is located about 10 km outside of Squamish making it easy weekend access for Lower Mainland campers. Alice Lake is located just off the famous Sea to Sky Highway and right in the heart of some of the best hiking trails in the country.  There are 2 lakes with swimming beaches in this park and both have stunning views of the mountains. The campground has just under 100 campsites with about half of them offering electrical hook ups. This is unusual for a provincial park so if you can get a site with power grab it. The park offers all the privacy of a typical provincial campground and with its location to Vancouver it is very difficult to get into. Be sure to book 90 days in advance in order to secure a site. Continue reading