The Point Of A Journey Is Not To Arrive! Who Believes That?

Brandywine Falls: a side trip on our way back from Whistler
Brandywine Falls: a side trip on our way back from Whistler

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was ‘On the Way.’ The idea was to post a photo of something that happened on the way to your destination. This brought up the discussion between Blair and I about our on going travel debate.
Blair’s travel mantra is “The point of a journey is not to arrive” or “Getting there is half the fun” which means we are stopping a lot. When we plan a trip he will scour the tour books for all the great attractions along the way. Every majestic waterfall, historic landmark and BCAA Gem is added to the itinerary.

I can feel you all wondering what is the problem? I agree, nothing! It makes sense to take In all the sites as we travel to our destination and thankfully he is the driver and so we stop at most of them. Here’s the problem!

I am a “Type A” personality, so while I understand all this great site seeing in theory, as soon as we get in the vehicle my “let’s get to the destination so we can start our vacation ” sets in and I have a hard time enjoying the stops in between. When Blair is planning the excursions I am excited and fully on board but something changes as soon as I get in the passenger seat of a fully loaded vacation vehicle. I cannot explain it, logically I know it is best to take in all the sites he has planned, but as soon as we start our road trip I transform into no fun mom and I want to get there now. Once we arrive I am back to myself and ready to enjoy all the area has to offer but the time between our driveway and our destination is not pretty.

Animal Wildlife Refuge where our spare tire cover was stolen by wolf!
Animal Wildlife Refuge where our spare tire cover was stolen by wolf

So here is my summer resolution. I am going to try to enjoy our journeys more. I will relax in the passengers seat and let Blair dictate the travel plans until such time that I can learn to plan and enjoy them on my own.

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Alice Lake Provincial Park – Squamish, BC.


Alice Lake Provincial Park.


This park is located about 10 km outside of Squamish making it easy weekend access for Lower Mainland campers. Alice Lake is located just off the famous Sea to Sky Highway and right in the heart of some of the best hiking trails in the country.  There are 2 lakes with swimming beaches in this park and both have stunning views of the mountains. The campground has just under 100 campsites with about half of them offering electrical hook ups. This is unusual for a provincial park so if you can get a site with power grab it. The park offers all the privacy of a typical provincial campground and with its location to Vancouver it is very difficult to get into. Be sure to book 90 days in advance in order to secure a site. Continue reading