Family River Rafting with REO

In 2017 we camped at Blue Lake Resort with 4 other families. To entice our teenagers to join us, we needed an exciting activity. It had to be thrilling enough for the young and young at heart and safe enough for those who didn’t want to admit they weren’t either of those. After much research we agreed river rafting fit the bill. Safety was a key factor, we had some nervous swimmers and some even more nervous moms, so we needed to go with a reputable company. Based on location and company reviews we decided to go with REO River Rafting.

Being a large group we booked the activity several months in advance. The company required we prepay to secure our spot and we were happy to accommodate. Due to the kids schedules we only had Saturday open so we went ahead and booked it. Everyone was very excited and it seemed to get the kids keen to attend.


As the trip approached we were all very excited. A couple of weeks out we received an email from the company advising they needed to move us to Sunday morning. We had been bumped for a bigger booking and the sad proof money talks $$$. This was very disappointing because we had booked and paid for 15 spots well in advance and the only day that worked was Saturday. The short notice didn’t give us time to book with another company and the solutions they offered were not ideal. After several back and forth emails we agreed to a time that was okay and a small discount was offered. We were not pleased but there wasn’t much we could do, the kids were exciting to raft and the company would not give us a booking on Saturday. What was even more disappointing was that 2 days before our trip one of our group injured their back and when we called to ask for a refund we were denied. It seemed they were able to make changes to the reservation but we were not. Not very impressive customer service but we had paid and needed to make the best of it.


Our first job was to get all our gear. The system very efficient and they had suitable sizes to accommodate all of us. Once we geared up we headed off on our trip and had 3 rafts. The guides split our group by size and by options of who wanted the front (wet) seats and who wanted the safer ride. Of course the kids all wanted to be in the front. The rapids were perfect for our experience level and the guides were competent and fun. We had time to jump in and swim, time to splash fellow rafters and time to paddle hard through the rapids. As most companies, they had an employee taking photos from the banks and each boat was able to purchase their digital photos. All three boats purchased the package and it gave us great memories and lots of laughs.

After rafting our package offered a light lunch of sandwiches, salads and plenty of wasps. We also had time to look around the facilities. It’s a really neat set up. They had a hot tub, great fire pit seating area and volleyball nets for those who wanted to partake. The company also offers luxury yurts to book if you want a 2 or more day excursion. Some of the yurts over-looked the river bank and were very enticing. There is quite a variety of trips offered; yoga retreats, various lengths of rafting trips and romantic get aways. The options are not cheap but they look like a lot of fun and the yurts looked very comfortable. If this is a vacation that interests you it would be worth checking out

Even though we had a tough start to our adventure I would still recommend this activity and with some reservations I would also recommend the company. They could have done a few things to provide better customer service and had they handled the situation better this might have been a raving rafting review. At the end of the day we all left happy, had great memories and photos to take with us.


Blue Lake Resort: Boston Bar – Campground Review

View of the lake from our hike

The summer of 2017 our annual  group camping trip brought us to Blue Lake Resort.   For previous 4 years we had camped in the Cariboo but all of our kids are now working full time or going to school so we needed to find a location within a couple hours of Vancouver. We also required 5 campsites, with at least a couple being lakefront, one cabin and, oh yeah, we all wanted to be together.  We knew this would be a tough order so when the folks at Blue Lake Resort said they could accommodate all our needs we were thrilled and confirmed our reservation.

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WOW Golf Course, Penticton BC – Review

Well the name says it all – WOW Golf:

  • WOW – The view!
  • WOW – The number of balls we lost!
  • WOW – The challenging greens!
  • WOW – I am so glad we had a cart!
  • WOW – That was a fun round of golf!

This unique and challenging 9 hole course is worth an afternoon of golf. We were camping at OK Falls Provincial Park and planned to golf each morning and hit wineries in the afternoon. After a round at WOW Golf I think we might have been smarter to hit the wineries before the golf course.

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Camp That Site, Fun New Look, Topics and Reviews!

We are back!

After not posting for 20 months I am starting up again. In August of 2017 I had run out of campgrounds to write about and unique stories to tell. I didn’t want the site to become filled with posts not relevant to the topic so I just put it on hold until I could gather new material and feel inspired.

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Ice Ice Baby – camping with a portable ice maker!

69E4B2FB-2077-4479-97B6-9767AC1FF847-959-000003BD23F350F1The older I get, the more conveniences I seem to acquire and a portable ice maker is just another example. We are social campers, meaning, we mostly camp with other families and are often in private campgrounds with hook ups. It also means we go through a lot of beverages!

Regardless of our camp set up we like to keep our beverages in a cooler packed with ice. Nothing says camping like digging around in freezing water and being rewarded with a cold beer. Keeping that cooler full of ice during a hot summer trip is really the only stress we have camping so we decided to buy a portable ice maker. I do agree, if this is our biggest stress, then life is great!

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Chuckle Monday -Getting Away From It All

When camping is no longer camping! Let’s hope they are not in the site next to you.(Whoops, a day early, just getting back into figuring this all out again after a long break, Chuckle Sunday!)


Bacon: simple tips and techniques every camper must know!

grilled-bacon-3[1].jpgRegardless of where or when we camp there are a few common traditions that occur each trip. One starts each morning around 9:00 am as campers emerge from tents and trailers everywhere.  The smell begins to waft in the air as bacon starts to sizzle on camp stoves and grill throughout the park. Fellow campers begin preparation for the ritual of breakfast, a ritual that only exits at the campground.  We rarely cook bacon on any other occasion, but when we camp it is a standard item on the grocery list, one that is expected in the same way as smore’s and spider dogs.

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Camping from A to Z

imageApril has arrived and with it brings the start of the A to Z challenge. This challenge means I will publish a blog each day, except Sundays, for the month of April. This will be challenging because I have not camped since the fall and I have nothing booked for this year. Not to fear: this challenge, and the sunshine of April, will revitalize me. It is the point that I really start to think of summer and dream of getting away for weekends.  This challenge will help me refocus  and remind me how much I enjoy getting out in our trailer to enjoy some relaxation time with my family and friends.

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