Come To The Island – 7 Great Reasons To Float On An Island.

As you know we are social campers, not back country hard core campers. We love to gather with friends and family at a lake and hope for sun. This usually involves several women blowing up individual flotation bed and paddling several feet into the lake. I realize this sound terribly laborious and you must marvel at all the obstacles we have endured.img_5004

  1. How can so many women chat while continuing to floating away from each other?
  2. How can your drinks still be full by the time you reach your destination?
  3. Doesn’t the lake keep pushing us back to shore, resulting in constant paddling.

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Dinosaur Trail (Holiday Trails) Campground – Drumheller, Alberta


As we said in our Dinosaur Provincial Park review, if you know anyone obsessed with dinosaurs, then you have to go to south-central Alberta.  Drumheller is for the dino-obsessed.  Its must be the dinosaur tourism capital of the world, complete with the word’s largest dinosaur that you can climb up into.

Drumheller is located in an ancient river valley, where the stratified canyon walls make it easy to access millions of year old fossils and bones that tell us newbie humans about our reptilian predecessors. It also makes for very unique scenery during the drive here. Continue reading