WPC – Beneath Your Feet

I am a little behind on these challenges but I like doing them so much that rather than ignore the ones I missed I am just going to catch up.

This photo challenge is titled Beneath Your Feet and my photos goes back to 2004 when we took the kids across their first suspension bridge.  It was a fun and memorable experience for us all.


Favourite Family Attractions When Camping In BC

Finding fun activities while camping often takes a bit of research. I have put together my 5 favourite  family attractions when camping in BC. It was very hard to get this list to 5 and there was no way I could rank them so I took the easy way out and I will list them in alphabetical order. I have selected activities that are unique to BC and represent our landscape and environment. Continue reading

E – post secondary Education, the stress!

The A to Z Challenge now brings me to E. I had originally planned to do a “Camping at Easter” blog but after a family dinner last night, I decided to move to a topic very current in my life.


In June my daughter, niece and their friends will complete grade 12 and start the next phase of their lives. For the past several months I  have watched as these bright young people have planned, applied and stress over their post high school education. They have prepared applications, volunteered at various locations, played on sports teams, studied for hours and held down part time jobs. Yes, they have done most of this based on their love of: the sport, the society or the cause but it is also expected!

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University

In order for these young people to get into the school or program of their choice they had to excel in all these areas. They needed to prove they are “academic”, “well rounded” and “engaged in their community”.  I agree with the idea but I think we have forgotten that they are only 17. Yes, they have been accepted, but at what cost!

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

These kids are busier than I have ever been in my life and they are stressed out by the high achievement that is expected of them. To top it off, after they have spent the endless hours completing all of these requirements, they must worry if the committee on the other end will “select them”. Leaving their future in the hands of  strangers who do not know or understand the emotion, time and passion that has been given to the choices these kids have made.

University of Victoria

University of Victoria

They must endure family gathering knowing the questions of “What school are you going to next year?” or “What career are you planning to go into?” are certain to come up.


University of Life

Stress and anxiety is at an all time high with our young people and after watching this group go through this process I can understand why.  Yes, they need to be responsible, but I think this has gone too far. The group I know is more responsible than many adults. They have an entire life to “be a grown up”, let’s let them enjoy their graduation before taking on the weight of the world!

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