Cool Camping Couch That Stores In A bag! Really?

While doing some research for my blog I came across this neat product.

It comes out of the Neatherlands and is marketed as a hangout couch for camping, festivals or days at the beach. They claim it is easy to inflate and reduces down to a small storage bag. Sounds like a great addition for any outdoor enthusiast. They claim to ship anywhere in the world so would love to hear from those who have tried it.

A Campers Dream, Floating & Amp; Napping In One!

This items covers off two of my top priorities  when camping. 1. Something to float on 2. Something to nap in. All it needs now is a drink holder, oh ya and someone to construct it for me.

Add this items to my hammock and floating posts. It’s a keeper!


What To Get The Camper Who Has Everything? You Have Got To Be Kidding!

I came across this hammock hot tub. It looks like fun to try out but not really for your mainstream camper.


Camping Gifts for your Valentine.

Cozy up in this sleeping bag for two. $179.99



An umbrella for 2, we need this here in the West Coast $60.00



A comfy hammock for two. $74.95



A foldable camping loveseat $90.94



The perfect apron for your grilling guy. $19.99