Outdoors, get out there and enjoy!


Deep Cove, North Vancouver



We are very lucky to live in a part of Canada where it’s possible to get outdoors 12 months a year. Yes, we get more than our share of rain, but mixed  in are plenty of dry, mild days that make it easy to get out and enjoy our city and province.

Living in Greater Vancouver means we are under an hour’s drive to several ski hills, hiking trails, lakes, parks, ocean beaches and golf courses. Here we can golf, hike, bike and walk outside 12 months of the years. We can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon. Other than our few very wet weeks, there is no excuse as to why we are not outside several times a week.

Manning Park

Manning Park

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Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver



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Fun with Diane. English Bay, Vancouver


This week I went for a walk with a friend and she was telling me her goal, starting now, is to have more fun! That’s a great goal. It’s not to work less or worry less it is just to have more fun! I have decided to embrace her goal but add to it by getting “outdoors” more. I think by working on this “O” the overworked, over stress, over booked and over whelmed will take care of themselves.  I am starting this weekend so watch for a post next week on what I did to get “Outdoors”.

Thanks Diane!


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White Rock


Crescent Beach, Surrey




Snake River KOA- Jackson Hole, Wyoming



In 2010, we stayed at Snake River KOA as part of our trip from the Oregon Coast to Yellowstone National Park. There are not a lot of campgrounds in the area and the ones that were available were expensive. We decided on Snake River KOA because we wanted to go river rafting and this park has excursions that leave right from the campground. We could also swim in the river to cool down.  It is only a 15 min drive to Jackson Hole so its close enough for a day trip and a dinner out.

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Chilliwack Lake Provincial Campground – Chilliwack, BC


Chilliwack Lake

Chilliwack Lake

Located about 45 kilometers down a rural, sometimes bumpy road,  east of Chilliwack  lies Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.    Due to its remoteness, and its beautiful mountain valley location, its a true “Beautiful BC” provincial park camping experience.  Most sites cannot be reserved ahead of time, which means they don’t fill-up 3 months in advance like nearby Cultus Lake Provincial Park.  This makes Chilliwack Lake often the only option for spontaneous camping trips for summer weekends. Continue reading