Duct Tape Camping Hacks


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When in doubt, use duct tape! That has always been a safe motto when something breaks but who would have thought of all these great uses for duct tape when camping.

Camping First Aid.


  1. Blisters: if you catch it before the blisters form apply the duct tape directly to the skin. If the blisters have formed then protect them with a piece of gauze before applying the duct tape. Be sure the tape is flat and free of wrinkles. Duct Tape will with stand sweat and dampness. Great for camping and hiking.
  2. Lacerations: cut duct tape into thin strips and they can act as steri strips.image
  3. Sling: need to immobilize a sprain. Use duct tape for a temporary sling.
  4. Tourniquet: another immobilization option when your in a pinch.
  5. Stretcher: if you are really desperate you can even make a stretcher with a couple if sticks and some duct tape.

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Campground Hacks

  1. Repair  tear: Duct tape is great for fixing tears in tents, awning, sleeping bags or camping chair. Be sure to apply tape to both sides of the tear for added strength.image
  2. Temporary Rope: forgot  your rope at home, no problem. Twisted duct tape works for light jobs. It’s not suggested for load bearing but you can wrap a couple of pieces together for extra strength.
  3. Seal Packages of Food: didn’t finish the chips, no problem. Seal the opening with a strip of tape to keep food fresh.image
  4. Keep Your Tent Closed: don’t be caught with a broken tent zipper, duct tape can hold it closed long enough to get you through the trip.
  5. Fix a Broken Tent or Fishing Pole: again this is only a temporary fix but it can save your shelter or allow you to finish your fishing trip.
  6. Fix a Leaky Water Bottle or Milk Jug: Place a thick strip of duct tape over a crack in your bottle or jug. Reinforce the patch with two or three strips to be sure there are no leaks.
  7. Keep the Cold Out: Wrap duct tape around the seams of your tent windows. On an especially cold night, this will help keep as much of the chill outside as possible.image
  8. Glow in the dark: wrap pieces of awning rope or low hanging items with a strip of glow in the dark duct tape. This will prevent night time accident. Also great to wrap around the dog collar at night. You can keep an eye on Fido even around the camp fire.
  9. Leaky Hose: your water hose is giving you an added shower. Wrap it with a couple layers of duct tape and fix it once you get home.

If you have any other ideas please share them in the comments for other campers to use.