X – marks the spot. Learning to Park my RV.

XEarly in my blogging days I read a post by a woman who talked about how glad she was that she learnt to drive and park their RV. That inspired me to want to learn that skill this summer and provided me with a theme for the “X” in my A to Z Challenge.

untitledBefore our 20 foot travel trailer we had a 12 foot pop up. I was totally comfortable towing it and took turns with my husband on long road trips. We have always camped as a family so I  have never needed to park the trailer, instead, I have opted for the stand outside and give my opinion job. (I am sure there are several husbands who have the same skillful wife helping them out).

Last summer when we bought our new RV my husband did all the driving and parking. Oh, I still  offered my outside, from the ground, in your blind spot, opinion but I let my husband do the parking and driving. After reading the above mentioned blog,  I decided I should learn how to drive and park the RV. There are a couple of good reasons I feel I should take this on.


Firstly,  I work in the school system and get the entire summer off so it might be nice to have the option to head out with friends or go out early with my kids to secure a spot.

Secondly,I had never thought of until I read the blog, what if something happened making it hard for my husband to drive. I should know how to step up and complete all his jobs if the situation ever arises.


So I have been researching, reading and watching videos in preparation for learning this new skill. Last weekend we put the road insurance on the trailer and this weekend we will adjust it for the new truck. Once we are ready to go I will head out with my husband to a large, empty and out of view parking lot and start practicing my new found knowledge.  I have no funny photos or stories to tell as of yet but I suspect that is only a matter of time.

rv_copilot_funny_women_rvers_rving_woman_humor_tshirt-rbcc7bf2482024164ab8fffb98e87e187_vjfef_3247 Tips For Mastering RV Parking & Backing Into Tight Spots

Tips for Towing a Trailer for the First Time

Tips for High Winds, Corners & Backing Up

Now if only I could get my husband as excited about learning my camping jobs, grocery shopping, packing, cooking and cleaning. I am guessing that won’t happen.