Camping From A To Z

imageApril has arrived and with it brings the start of the A to Z challenge. This challenge means I will publish a blog each day, except Sundays, for the month of April. This will be challenging because I have not camped since the fall and I have nothing booked for this year. Not to fear: this challenge, and the sunshine of April, will revitalize me. It is the point that I really start to think of summer and dream of getting away for weekends.  This challenge will help me refocus  and remind me how much I enjoy getting out in our trailer to enjoy some relaxation time with my family and friends.

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Life Imitates Art – Fun Poses to Remember!

One of the suggestions for the Weekly Photo Challenge ‘s “Life Imitates Art” theme was imitating a sculpture, so I knew I had to take part. One of Blair’s favorite vacation activities is lining us up for some fun photos. At first we all just rolled our eyes but over the years these have become our favorite vacation memories.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada: “A-Maze-Ing Laughter

Washington, D.C.


La Pas, B.C., Mexico

Oregon Coast


WPC – Grid, Connected And Creepy

I am a bit behind on my Weekly Photo Challenge so I thought I would play catch up.

This weeks theme, Grid, was taken at Horse Lake, BC during a family camping trip. The grid is provided by my mini blinds as I watched the sunrise early one morning from my trailer.


Similar to my recent post, here is my take on the Connected theme. As soon as I read the theme I had an idea but needed to complete the trip in order to gather the photos. For our 19th anniversary we returned to the lake where we were married. It was fun to take some photos at the same spot we connected 19 years earlier.


manning8 19years

A few weeks back the theme was Creepy. I  found this photo, taken at the Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, during a family trip to the Mall. It seems to fit the bill quite well.

IMG_0152 (2)

WPC – Monochromatic, The Beauty Of A Sunrise.

This Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Monochromatic. I took these photos early one morning as I tried to play with some of the settings on my camera. The peace of the morning sunrise was very easy to capture in this beautiful setting. The blue sky is the focal point of all these photos.




WPC – Half And Half

Looking back on our recent Whistler/Squamish trip it was hard to decide on a picture for this weeks, Weekly Photo Challenge, so I selected three. Being out in nature allows for so many interpretations for this challenge. Here are my thoughts.

My first photo was taken at Joffre Lake Provincial Park while hiking. This is a view at the second lake with the lake allowing for a mirror reflection of the beautiful mountain backdrop.


This photo was taken while searching for a Ghost Town just off the Sea to Sky portion of the Trans Canada Trail. Half trees and half mossy grass made for a relaxing walk.

IMG_1963 (2)

And last is our friends campground at Paradise Valley in Squamish. The sheer size of the site inspired this photo with the RV only taking up half of the area. This was the largest site we have ever had the privilege of camping in.


WPC – Doors

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge Theme is “Door”. Camping and hiking in the Whistler area gave me amble opportunity to photograph a variety of doors. Here is my top selection.

IMG_1968 (2)

The remains of a home found in the Ghost Town just off the Trans Canada Trail.

IMG_2011 (2)

Graffiti on a train door.

IMG_2008 (2)

Train doors in a stunning back drop

WPC – One Camper’s Take On “ROY G BIV”.

This weekly photo challenge was interesting. ROY G BIV allows you to feature all of natures colors. As an avid camper you can imagine how many photos I had to choose from. Here is my take on the challenge.

WPC – Vivid

After a weekend of camping in the sun it is always hard to return home to the unpacking and laundry. For this, Weekly Photo Challenge, I decided to feature the vivd colors that are enjoyed once the work is done.  A glass of wine in my back yard enjoying the patio planters and flower gardens helps make the return home bareable. This is truly living the dream!

image image image image

WPC – On The Way, At Least The Marmot Thought So!

Otter 002 Otter 005 Otter 006 Otter 008 Otter 014 Otter 010

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge Theme is title “On The Way”. The idea is to select a photo of something that happened on the way to your destination. These photos were taken as we headed camping in Osoyoos. Whenever we head to the south Okanagan we take Highway 3 and plan a stop at Manning Park Resort. This resort is very special to us because it was the location of our wedding. In 2004 we stopped for a picnic and while there, our children spotted several marmots and decided to take on the task of feeding them. It provided for some great memories, photos and laughs.

WPC -Broken, one thing we do well when camping!

Blairs Iphone 353This weekly photo challenge is “Broken”. The problem with this is trying to decide which “broken” photo I will share. As a camper “broken” is a term we have become very familiar with. We have had broken jacks, broken tires, broken cranks, broken furnaces, you name it, we have broke it. There is one broken story that takes the cake.

My daughter is notoriously bad with her cell phone and on this particular camping trip she stood up to get the marshmallows only to watch her cell phone go flying from her lap right into the fire. The quick thinker that she is, she quickly realized she needed some evidence of the phone in order to use her Apple Care. Reaching for the fire poker she was able to dig out what was left of her phone.

This is what an iPhone looks like after a few minutes in a camp fire

This is what an iPhone looks like after a few minutes in a camp fire

When we took it back to Apple they were impressed not only with the story but that she was quick enough to save part of the phone, (this was not her first rodeo). Fortunately she purchased Apple Care and for the cost of her deductible her broken phone was exchanged for a new model and she was off and running.