T -24, Why You Need To Be Ready To Plan Your Summer!

Let the count down begin! In less than 24 hours campers across BC will plant themselves in front of computers, anxiously ready to hit ENTER, and crossing their fingers hoping to reserve a campsite at one of BC’s coveted Provincial Campgrounds.

Cultus lake 8.jpg

You can only book 3 months in advance so reservations for dates of June 15th and prior are only accepted. In June, if you are able to camp during the weekdays, you should be okay getting a reservation but weekends will  book up within minutes. campground full As the calendar moves into July and August any date is near impossible to secure. We have been able to get into most of the popular Provincial Parks at some point over the last 20 years but each year it gets harder and harder.

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How To “Camp That Site” Is Back!

12 months of blogging and it has been an interesting ride. With the help of my husband we have created an electronic scrapbook of all our family camping trips. We have shared our reviews, tips and funny stories all while researching new products and campgrounds. We have connected with so many other campers and learned that camping outside of Canada must be on our bucket list.


Christmas 2008 was spent enjoying the snow at our trailer. Still one of the most memorable holidays we have had.

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WPC – Monochromatic, The Beauty Of A Sunrise.

This Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Monochromatic. I took these photos early one morning as I tried to play with some of the settings on my camera. The peace of the morning sunrise was very easy to capture in this beautiful setting. The blue sky is the focal point of all these photos.




Whistler, BC – Things To Do And See In The Summer.


riverside-receptionWhistler, British Columbia is one of my favourite places to visit in the summer. There is so much to do and so many people to watch that it is impossible to be bored. As mentioned in my review of Riverside Campground, we spent 3 nights in Whistler with 2 other couples all camping in RV’s.  We planned to hike, bike and enjoy the beach during this trip and we were not disappointed. Continue reading

WPC – On The Way, At Least The Marmot Thought So!

Otter 002 Otter 005 Otter 006 Otter 008 Otter 014 Otter 010

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge Theme is title “On The Way”. The idea is to select a photo of something that happened on the way to your destination. These photos were taken as we headed camping in Osoyoos. Whenever we head to the south Okanagan we take Highway 3 and plan a stop at Manning Park Resort. This resort is very special to us because it was the location of our wedding. In 2004 we stopped for a picnic and while there, our children spotted several marmots and decided to take on the task of feeding them. It provided for some great memories, photos and laughs.

Victoria Day in Canada! Camping memories, mishaps, malfunctions and misplacements.

Victoria Day has now come to a close and I can say our camping trip did not disappoint in any of the selected area.


imageMishaps (of course): Our site was quite sloped so it was challenging to get the trailer off the hitch. The weight of the trailer pulling back on the hitch made this impossible so we had a great idea (that means mistake.) With the jacks down we backed the trailer up an inch just to alleviate the pressure. Yes you heard me right, but it worked so we happily went about levelling the trailer. Well, I guess the wheel blocks weren’t in place right so the next thing that happened was the trailer starting to slip down the slope ( I can feel the collective gasp already, that was me as well). It didn’t move much but enough to bend 3 of the 4 jacks and caused me to panic and make my husband enlist the neighbour for wood blocks. Trouble averted, trailer level and jacks repaired, it was time for a much needed glass of wine and some dinner. This is why we would never set up at night. Continue reading

May Long Weekend – The kick off to camping season!

It is clear from my Facebook and Twitter feed that the campgrounds will be busy this weekend. The Victoria Day long weekend marks the unofficial start to the Canadian summer. For campers, the problem of getting a campsite begins, but if you were lucky enough to snag one, then enjoy your time.

IMG_0194 IMG_0195

We were unable to get a site but are hoping to spend some time with friends who did luck out. We are heading to Delta Grove at Cultus Lake for a night and hoping the weather Gods are in our corner. I have reviewed Cutlus Lake in a previous blog so on this trip I will gather more photos and site selection tips. Continue reading

 Q – Quality time with your family

QThis was the perfect spring weekend. The forecast was for sun, we had a family birthday and our kids had room in their busy schedules. For all these reasons it only seemed fitting to make “Quality Time” the only topic for the “Q” in the A to Z Challenge.


Boundary Bay Regional Park

Saturday we headed to Tsawwassen to watch our son play baseball. If you have kids in sports you can appreciate that when they have to get there an hour ahead of game time, it means you have time to burn.  We just bought new bikes so this seemed like the perfect place to break them in. From the baseball field it was just a 10 minute ride to Boundary Bay Park. It’s a beautiful ocean-front park with cycling and walking trails that boast incredible views of the mountains and Vancouver’s skyline. We stopped for a latte on the park bench before heading back to watch the ball game.

IMG_1420 IMG_1419


Bike Path at Boundary Bay


Crescent Beach

Sunday was my husband, Blair’s, birthday and  our kids were free from sports, work and any other scheduled events that normally keep us heading in all directions. A quick check of the tide tables determined it was low tide at 1:00, perfect timing for an afternoon at the beach. It was like the stars were aligned for a perfect family day!  We are about a 30 minute drive from Crescent Beach which is a beautiful ocean-front community in South Surrey. With the tide out it feels like you could walk for hours and although the town was semi-busy it felt like we were the only ones out on the sand. We took our 2 dogs who love to run along the beach.  As we walked bare foot through the tide pools, stepping over shells and crabs, we wondered why we don’t do this more often.

IMG_1430 IMG_1431

My Unexpected Benefits of Blogging

Bear Ck 002

Our first tent trailer bought in 2002

Campthatsite has been up and running for almost 3 months now. About 2 months longer than most of my friends and family thought it would last. I talked about doing a blog for over a year before I actually started it up. Each trip, while making our campground notes, I would ramble on about how it would be great to write a camping blog. Finally, in December 2014, I took the leap. I think what kick started me was a friend from work had a popular parenting blog, “Discovering Parenthood” and after watching her for a few months I felt inspired. She was also there to provide support and answer questions while I got started.  Thanks Tamara! Now after 3 months of blogging I have leared a lot, both about blogging and the unexpected benefits.

What I Expected
kids_chalk kids_colour BuckyBath

When I started out I thought it would be great to share my notes and experiences with other campers. I was hoping other campers would email me or comment about site number they like or campgrounds they have been to. That has happened a bit but not as much as I had thought. In BC it is very difficult to get a good campground during the peak summer season and my thought was to help others get the perfect site on their first trip. I also hoped that if my blog became popular I might have an easier time booking a site of my own. The campground would benefit from a review and I would benefit by being able to book a site. At this time I am still working on building my blog so I have not tried to use it as a booking advantage but maybe some day.

What I Have Learned

IMG_2932 IMG_2910 IMG_2908
It’s a small world after all! I would say the coolest thing about doing this blog is seeing how many countries you can reach without ever leaving your front door. To date this blog has reached readers in over 40 counties and all the continents. Starting a blog has also forced me to learn, link and navigate many of the social media tools out there. I have set up a Twitter account, Facebook page, email address, Instagram account, WordPress blog and then linked them all together. This part has been a steep but fun learning curve. I started with 1 lonely Twitter follower, thanks to my daughter, and have watched it grow to over 600. My kids have had many good laughs as they have watched me log on and off several times each day, checking as my followers and views grew. It has been interesting to learn what people like to read, who opts to follow me and what they respond to. I have been surprised how the “personal blogs” have been some of the most popular posts I have done, followed by cool gadgets and tips.

The Unexpected Benefits

Blairs Iphone 258Both my husband and I have loved reliving our 12+ years of camping trips. This blog has given all our memories a permanent scrapbook to share with our family and friends. We have laughed at the photos and memories that were filed away in albums collecting dust or stored in computer files rarely being looked at. The kids have liked hearing camping stories from years they could not remembered and laughing at the crazy thing we have done together as we learned how to become “campers”. It has also renewed my interest in camping, that along with the new 20 foot trailer we bought.112_1241
I have also been surprised by the sheer number of fellow bloggers out there. It has been great getting to know other campers. I have loved reading and learning about their experiences as well as communicating with people from so many different places and walks of life. Blogging is a world I never knew existed and have enjoyed learning about. I will keep posting as long as I am camping and I hope to hear from fellow campers as I continue this journey.

Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park – Fort Langley, BC


IMG_1159 - Copy IMG_1166 IMG_1172

It is not often that we get 14 degree C days in February but this year it has seemed like the norm. For that reason my husband, son and I decided to head out to Fort Langley for a sunny walk, a patio lunch and to check out Fort Camping on Brae Island Regional Park,  which is right in Fort Langley. We know several people who have camped here but we have never been to the campground ourselves. Keep in mind we only did walked through but I wrote down some notes, spoke to a very friendly employee and took some photos of the grounds. I thought I would provide a short review until we can get a weekend visit in. Continue reading