Victoria Day in Canada! Camping memories, mishaps, malfunctions and misplacements.

Victoria Day has now come to a close and I can say our camping trip did not disappoint in any of the selected area.


imageMishaps (of course): Our site was quite sloped so it was challenging to get the trailer off the hitch. The weight of the trailer pulling back on the hitch made this impossible so we had a great idea (that means mistake.) With the jacks down we backed the trailer up an inch just to alleviate the pressure. Yes you heard me right, but it worked so we happily went about levelling the trailer. Well, I guess the wheel blocks weren’t in place right so the next thing that happened was the trailer starting to slip down the slope ( I can feel the collective gasp already, that was me as well). It didn’t move much but enough to bend 3 of the 4 jacks and caused me to panic and make my husband enlist the neighbour for wood blocks. Trouble averted, trailer level and jacks repaired, it was time for a much needed glass of wine and some dinner. This is why we would never set up at night.

If anyone has a tip on how to get your trailer off the hitch when you are on a slope now would be a great time to share it in the comments section. Any ideas would be  appreciated, please!!!


My new chair and ottoman, love them

Misplace, malfunctioned or forgotten items: I am sure most of you also have a running list of things forgotten, empty or broken. After 3 days my list is at 15, not too bad for the first trip when we essentially empty the trailer at then end of the season and reload at the start. The biggest malfunction was our hot water tank. For some reason, probably our low battery, our hot water tank acted up. Once we investigate at home we will have a better idea of how big of a  problem this actually is.


Memories: Once again our trip was full of them. Camping is one of my favourite ways to spend time with our teenage children. It use to be they loved to camp with us because they would get our undivided attention, free of the worries of work and household lists. Now we like to camp with them because we get their undivided attention ( or something like that) free of social media, TV and video games. It is interesting how it all comes full circle. It is our chance to play games, eat family meals and talk around the fire. This was our first trip with kayaks and they were a great addition to the camping gear. We used them 4 times over the 3 days and each member of our 8 person camping group got out in them. It is such a great way to enjoy the scenery and have some nice conversations.

IMG_1442 IMG_1437

This trip was at Cultus Lake Provincial Park’s  Delta Grove Campground. We have reviewed Cultus before and after spending the long weekend I thought I would share an update. This time we stayed in site D15 which is lake front. The view was amazing and we had access to the lake. This site was small and a bit sloped so it was hard to level the trailer (hence the jack story at above), difficult to place a tent for the kids, and a bit hard to get chair around the fire, but the view and location made up for it.

IMG_1429 IMG_1448

I would confirm that any of the lake front sites are prime, some are bigger than others but they are all even in privacy and view. Sites 15, 16, 17 and 18 all have a bit more slope than some of the other lake front sites.  I would also add 18, 20, 22 and 24 to the list of sites to avoid. They are set up so that your picnic table and fire are open to the road giving you no privacy.


The bathrooms have 2 showers in each the men’s and ladies but the management company did not do a great job of keeping these clean. For the start of camping season I would have expected a scrubbed down bath house but instead the walls still had dirt from last year and corners were still filled with dirt and hair. They would do well to invest a little more energy in this area: clean washrooms are something campers always comment on.


Having said all that I would still head to Cultus Lake for another camping trip.  Next time I will try to stay in Mable Bay or Entrance Bay so that I can provide a review of those camp gounds.


8 thoughts on “Victoria Day in Canada! Camping memories, mishaps, malfunctions and misplacements.

  1. What a lovely view you had of the lake! Very nice:) And great to be able to take a trip in the kayak any time. It snowed and rained heavily here in Calgary Saturday so we decided to postpone camping season for a while:)

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