Greater Vancouver, What Makes It So Special?


Living in the Vancouver area, I well aware of how expensive it is. It is not uncommon to hear people talk about moving away to get more housing “bang for their buck”. That is, until, we have a string of sunny days and then we are all reminded of why we will never leave.
This week was one of those weeks. The sun was out, the sky was blue and we had the time to get out and enjoy several areas of Greater Vancouver. From snowshoeing, to scenic walks, and campfires by the river. Greater Vancouver really does offer it all. Here is a summary of the week! Continue reading

What happens at the girls weekend stays at the girls weekend, well kinda???

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My girls weekend has come to a close and all that is left is the sharing of memories, oh ya, and the laundry. Last weekend I had the good fortune to spend the time with some friends. We had 5 women who camped over night and another 4 who were able to drive out and spend the day. imageimageDay 1- set up, unpack and unwind (aka camp chair – set up, snack food – unpack and apple cider – unwind). Once set up we decided to walk into beautiful Fort Langley for dinner and a few drinks. It was a great way to start the weekend, no cooking, no dishes and no mosquitos. After dinner we walked back enjoying the sunset and then settling in for a campfire. That was when we realized…. Continue reading

Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park – Fort Langley, BC

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It is not often that we get 14 degree C days in February but this year it has seemed like the norm. For that reason my husband, son and I decided to head out to Fort Langley for a sunny walk, a patio lunch and to check out Fort Camping on Brae Island Regional Park,  which is right in Fort Langley. We know several people who have camped here but we have never been to the campground ourselves. Keep in mind we only did walked through but I wrote down some notes, spoke to a very friendly employee and took some photos of the grounds. I thought I would provide a short review until we can get a weekend visit in. Continue reading