What happens at the girls weekend stays at the girls weekend, well kinda???

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My girls weekend has come to a close and all that is left is the sharing of memories, oh ya, and the laundry. Last weekend I had the good fortune to spend the time with some friends. We had 5 women who camped over night and another 4 who were able to drive out and spend the day. imageimageDay 1- set up, unpack and unwind (aka camp chair – set up, snack food – unpack and apple cider – unwind). Once set up we decided to walk into beautiful Fort Langley for dinner and a few drinks. It was a great way to start the weekend, no cooking, no dishes and no mosquitos. After dinner we walked back enjoying the sunset and then settling in for a campfire. That was when we realized….

Not the best photo but we had already opened the wine.

Not the best photo but we had already opened the wine.


Problem 1: We forgot fire wood, paper, kindling, and an axe. The “no wood” was easily solved with a purchase from the camp store. No paper or ax – we solved that by asking the neighbour. No kindling – one of our group claimed she could chop some from the wood we bought. This brought on …..

Peta to the rescue!

Peta to the rescue!

Problem 2 – in her normal cabin life this friend has a chopping block, a hatchet, better foot wear and no wine. That was not the case here so when she started chopping in her flip flops, on the gravel, with a very large axe our neighbour quickly sent over her husband to help us out. His name was Peter and we affectionately referred to him as PETA  for the remainder of the trip. Disaster averted, we were on our way to a great evening of laughs and music.

Day 2 – Three of us decided to hike the Fort to Fort trail. This is a very popular trail that had been on all our bucket lists. We all headed out with water in hand and eager to complete our task…. image Problem 1: none of us really looked into where the trail started so as we walked into Fort Langley we started asking for direction. Apparently our listening skills are as good as our campfire building skills because a 1/2  hour later and 3 stops for direction we finally found the trail. As you can see from the photos the trail was clearly marked but somehow none of us noticed. On the bright side we got to see a golf course, some beautiful homes and the Salmon Trail, bonus. image image Oimagence the hike was done and lunch was finished we awaited the arrival of our day visitors. As our friends arrived so did additional food and drink. With 8 of us around the campsite the games came out and the laughs began. We danced to the party lights, laughed at the attempt to play taboo and enjoyed getting to know each other outside the work environment The weekend was such a success and as we head into the last 3 weeks of school it was the re-energization we all needed. With the end of the school year approaching we prepare to say goodbye to some of our camping pals who will move on to other schools. What I know from this weekend is friendships have been built and we will all be back for another “girls weekend” again in the near future. Thank you ladies, it was a blast..

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