Run from “The Hills”, A Campers day at the Spa!

I realize this will open me up for all kinds of ‘Glamping’ shots, but it’s a day that had me in tears laughing so it’s a story that must be told.


IMG_2170During our annual family and friends camping trip the females decided to treat ourselves to a Girl’s Day Out at The Hills Health Ranch.

When “The Hills” opened several years back it was touted as a luxury resort.  None of us thought to check Trip Advisor for current reviews… Mistake #1

IMG_2168As a large group, we called ahead and were advised they could accommodate two groups of 3.  They were pleased to offer the rest of us use of their facilities (pool, hot tub, sauna and workout facilities) for just $10. Excited for a day at a mountain retreat, we headed over. Continue reading

Cariboo Bonanza Resort – Horse Lake, BC

Cariboo Bonanza Resort on Horse Lake, BC

IMG_2305 IMG_2114


Our morning coffee view.

Another big group camping trip is in the books. The memories, laughter and stories will live on forever, only improving with time.  We received an email to advise the campground we pre-booked for 2015, Moondance Bay Resort, was closing.  It was difficult to find another campground that could give 7 families totalling 26 people lake front sites without a year’s notice. After calling several resorts I stumbled upon Cariboo Bonanza Resort which is also in BC’s Interlakes area.  We were so happy they could offer us 5 lakefront sites with 2 more just behind. Continue reading

Summer Plans 2015 – Bonanza Resort, 100 Mile House

imageimage image

This summer our family and 6 other families are booked for a week at Bonanza Resort near 100 Mile House in BC. It is right on a great fishing and swimming lake and we were lucky enough to get lake front sites. I can’t wait for camping season to start. I will write a review but here is the link if you want to check it out. Let me. Know if you have stayed there and if you have any tips.