Victoria Day in Canada! Camping memories, mishaps, malfunctions and misplacements.

Victoria Day has now come to a close and I can say our camping trip did not disappoint in any of the selected area.


imageMishaps (of course): Our site was quite sloped so it was challenging to get the trailer off the hitch. The weight of the trailer pulling back on the hitch made this impossible so we had a great idea (that means mistake.) With the jacks down we backed the trailer up an inch just to alleviate the pressure. Yes you heard me right, but it worked so we happily went about levelling the trailer. Well, I guess the wheel blocks weren’t in place right so the next thing that happened was the trailer starting to slip down the slope ( I can feel the collective gasp already, that was me as well). It didn’t move much but enough to bend 3 of the 4 jacks and caused me to panic and make my husband enlist the neighbour for wood blocks. Trouble averted, trailer level and jacks repaired, it was time for a much needed glass of wine and some dinner. This is why we would never set up at night. Continue reading