About Describes Why We Have An RV, Enough Said!

We tried tenting and loved the idea but we were just no good at it and trying to get that tent back in the bag, impossible. This about sums up our journey to an RV.


Throw Back Thursday – Great Sleeping Bags

Originally posted in March here are some great sleeping bags as the weather starts to Change.

Super Hero Snuggie



The adult version of the bag I featured earlier. It’s like a sleeping bag snuggie and also comes in several super hero themes as well. The Original model is good to -9 Celsius. There is also a model for warmer weather.

sells from $149 to $199 USD Continue reading

Solar Power Must Haves for Camping

imageModern conviences are becoming much easier to take camping thanks to all the new solar powered gadgets. Having electronic devices while camping can seem a bit ludicrous to some but for the rest of us it is a welcome addition. There is a huge range of products now on the market from the very expensive concept items to the basic flashlights.

Take a look at these cool items. 

The Concept Tent has been designed by  Telecom Orange and uses advanced technology.  It will charge all your gadgets with solar power and control them all with the wireless control hub. It is not in production yet but it is not far off and it will change they way we camp. Maybe tent camping will become more mainstream again.

Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent


Solar Cool Technology: This solar powered cooler is now available for pre order but it is very new to the market.

Solar Cool Technology


Snow Lizard SLXTREME Smartphone Case – solar powered phone charger, waterproof and impact proof. Great for camping. $149.98



Solar Power Integrated Back Pack. $99.99



How to Make A Swedish Log Candle.

Here is a link to how to make a Swedish Log Candle. It is great for cooking over and burns for hours. You can cut the log ahead of time and take it with you.



Simple as that!

Thanks Pat Owens for the great article link! Please send me anything you think other campers can use, I am happy to share it.