Throw Back Thursday – Great Sleeping Bags

Originally posted in March here are some great sleeping bags as the weather starts to Change.

Super Hero Snuggie


The adult version of the bag I featured earlier. It’s like a sleeping bag snuggie and also comes in several super hero themes as well. The Original model is good to -9 Celsius. There is also a model for warmer weather.

sells from $149 to $199 USD

Double Sleeping Bag


This zero-degree-rated, synthetic-fill bag has two halves that zip together to make a two-person bag, or seperate into a pair of single bags. The larger bottom side has a  zip-able pillow pocket, and the top side has a small zip pocket for earplugs or a cell phone.

Cost $250

Zipper Vented Sleeping Bag


The rectangular shaped sleeping bag has 4 outer zippers that run across the sleeping bag. There is a zipper  near the ankles, knees, waist, and chest to allow campers to pick what body segment they want covered based on their climate or personal preference. It is flannel lined,  has a built in pillow pocket and is rated for temperatures as low as -7 c.

Cost is $119 USD

Toddler Sleeping Bags


A fleece lined mummy style bag designed for toddlers.

Approximately $100 USD

Don’t Forget Fido


A cozy bed with an attachable blanket for those cold nights. Keeps Fido warm and out of your bed.

Approximately $80 USD


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