Another Road Trip Route To Consider.

I found this web site but the ads made it impossible to read. Here is an ad free version to keep on file.

With the help of a sophisticated algorithm, this road trip allows you to start in any state. Just hop on at the point that runs through your state and keep going until you’re back at your starting point!image Continue reading

Road Tripping In The USA? 4 National Park Road Trips.

There is still time so here is a great link if you are planning any road trips in the USA.  Maybe next summer we can put this on our travel plans.

4 National Park Trips, sounds great! Click the link or picture to get a closer look.


Camping in the USA

IMG_4396 IMG_4399

imageWe live within 30 minutes of 5 US border crossings so it is not unusual for us to drive state side for camping. It is not that camping in the USA is better than camping in Canada it is just another option. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Why it’sHard to Find a Campsite, it very hard to get a campsite anywhere in BC so we expand our options by camping in Washington and Oregon. Many State Parks offer campsites that are equally private, well kept and beautiful as any we have found in BC so there is no reason to avoid considering them as an option.

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50 Waterfront Parks in 50 States

Here is a great site to find 50 waterfront campgrounds in 50 different states. Worthiness saving for future referance!