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imageWe live within 30 minutes of 5 US border crossings so it is not unusual for us to drive state side for camping. It is not that camping in the USA is better than camping in Canada it is just another option. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Why it’sHard to Find a Campsite, it very hard to get a campsite anywhere in BC so we expand our options by camping in Washington and Oregon. Many State Parks offer campsites that are equally private, well kept and beautiful as any we have found in BC so there is no reason to avoid considering them as an option.

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If you are Canadian there are pros and cons to camping in the US State Parks so I thought I would take the opportunity to outline some of them.



  • You can book state parks up to 9 months in advance.
  • By site reservations, so you know the campsite you are getting.
  • By site review, they often include specific details and ratings on each campsite offered.
  • Many State Parks have electrical and water hooks ups with some even offering sewer.
  • Many parks offer yurt options for those without all the camping gear.
  • The parks are often larger and can accommodate more campers.
  • There are more US State Parks than Canadian Provincial Parks making booking easier.
  • Cheap booze, it has to be said, for us Canadians this is a big bonus.
  • Cheap gas, not as fun as the booze but equally as big of a draw.

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  • Crossing the border, the possible line ups and hassles make this a definite con
  • The border restrictions on certain foods can be a bit of a hassle
  • Pets, having the paper work for all their shots and then there is the hassle of getting pet food across the border.
  • The low Canadian dollar makes this now a much more expensive option.
  • Beautful BC, it’s just hard to leave the beautiful province we call home.

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8 thoughts on “Camping in the USA

  1. We have crossed the border numerous times coast to coast always with the 2 dogs and have yet to be asked about shots or to provided their certificates. In the past few years we found the border agents to be much more pleasant.

    Another consideration when crossing the border is access. Of the 3 Lower Mainland crossings, we cannot use Pac Hwy as we can’t make the turn into the booths. My preference is Aldergrove, as the US has a special bus/RV lane.


    • Thanks for the great tip, we have a much smaller RV so have never really had to think about that. We have only ever been asked if we have the dogs records, as soon as we grab them they just said fine but we always have them.


  2. I have made five border crossings with Choppy (figure that one out? It involved a crossing where there is only a border crossing one way – Stewart/Hyder). Only once did someone ask to see her papers and once I reached for them he told me I was fine without looking at them. I suspect he just wanted to make sure I had some and didn’t care about their content.

    Also, the booze/gas situation really is much better here.

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