Ice Ice Baby – Camping With A Portable Ice Maker!

69E4B2FB-2077-4479-97B6-9767AC1FF847-959-000003BD23F350F1The older I get, the more conveniences I seem to acquire and a portable ice maker is just another example. We are social campers, meaning, we mostly camp with other families and are often in private campgrounds with hook ups. It also means we go through a lot of beverages!

Regardless of our camp set up we like to keep our beverages in a cooler packed with ice. Nothing says camping like digging around in freezing water and being rewarded with a cold beer. Keeping that cooler full of ice during a hot summer trip is really the only stress we have camping so we decided to buy a portable ice maker. I do agree, if this is our biggest stress, then life is great!

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RV Ovens – 10 Solutions Every Camper Should Know!

I  have been researching tips for cooking and baking in an RV oven.  I no longer use my oven, mainly because my one and only experience was a disaster.  We were having a pot luck dinner and I volunteered to make roasted potatoes for 30. (I know, crazy idea, right!) I peeled and chopped, peeled and chopped, and then peeled and chopped some more. Once all the chopping was done I coated them with olive oil, seasoned them and separated them onto 3 trays.   Two went in my oven and one on the BBQ.

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DYI – How To Build An RV Outdoor Shower Stall

One year of blogging and this article has been by far my most viewed post.  As I celebrate the end of the year I thought it would be worth reposting my top blogs.  Thanks for all your support.

We have only had our travel trailer for one camping season but have quickly realized that gray water is one of the biggest challenges, especially when dry camping. We didn’t  experience this problem in our tent trailer because we didn’t have hot water nor a holding tank. Now that we have both, I like the idea of showering at my site but with 2 teenagers and no hookups  the gray water will fill up quickly. The solution: an outdoor shower stall at the back of the trailer. The problem: finding a way to make it private.  I headed out to research this and here are my findings. Continue reading

Throw Back Thursday – Great Sleeping Bags

Originally posted in March here are some great sleeping bags as the weather starts to Change.

Super Hero Snuggie


The adult version of the bag I featured earlier. It’s like a sleeping bag snuggie and also comes in several super hero themes as well. The Original model is good to -9 Celsius. There is also a model for warmer weather.

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No Electricty, No Problem!

Vortex Hand Blender,  $99.95

Smoothies or margaritas any time and any place.


Cord- and battery-free outdoor blender for camping, tailgating, and more
Hand crank activates powerful 2-speed gear system to crush ice or blend drinks
1.5-liter pitcher and lid made from virtually unbreakable, easy-to-clean Lexan resin
Pour-through locking lid; C-clamp secures base to table to prevent accidents
Stainless-steel base; measures 6.5 x 10.3 x 5.7 inches (W x H x D); weighs 4 pounds 12 ounces

Hand Operated Washing Machine  $29.95

Device great for hand washing.


Light weight yet sturdy manual clothes washer
Great for emergencies or everyday use
Apartment or dorm residents can save a trip to the Laundromat
Excellent for Camping or boating trips
Conserves water and detergent over traditional washing methods

Great Camping Hacks

A link so several great camping tips. Here are pictures of 3 but click on the link to see the rest.

image image image

How To Tarp Your Site To Be The Envy Of All Campers

imageI came across this site that sells a hook to help you tarp your campsite. If you camp in BC or the Pacific North West you will need this tool. How many times have you walked by other sites and wished your tarp looked like that. I have not tried this but it sure looks like it would work. Let me know if you have seen or used this.


More Cool Tents. Would Love To Camp In These!

What a great view!


A tent for the Book Lover!


Totally inflatable tent