DYI – How To Build An RV Outdoor Shower Stall

One year of blogging and this article has been by far my most viewed post.  As I celebrate the end of the year I thought it would be worth reposting my top blogs.  Thanks for all your support.

We have only had our travel trailer for one camping season but have quickly realized that gray water is one of the biggest challenges, especially when dry camping. We didn’t  experience this problem in our tent trailer because we didn’t have hot water nor a holding tank. Now that we have both, I like the idea of showering at my site but with 2 teenagers and no hookups  the gray water will fill up quickly. The solution: an outdoor shower stall at the back of the trailer. The problem: finding a way to make it private.  I headed out to research this and here are my findings.

Updated solution

Several people mentioned they just purchased a portable outdoor shower stall, set it up next to their outdoor shower faucet and there you have it. There were a few comments explaining they had to add a longer hose to the shower head in order for it to reach. A few people suggested cutting a small opening in the shower stall wall to allow for the shower head to enter but most said they turned the shower stall door towards the trailer in order to access the facet and it worked great. These can be bought from any RV dealer for under $100 and it will save drilling into the RV or constructing your own. Here is an example from Cabela’s.



Solution 1

Buy 2 boat station mounts are screwed to the exterior wall, which allows pipe and shower curtain to be attached to it creating a quick and easy outdoor shower.


Solution 2

Buy an outdoor shower kit to attach to the outside of your RV


image image

Solution 3

Build a shower stall out of PVC pipes that you can set up in front of the outdoor shower door. This DIY disassembles for easy storage.



This video how to make a PVC shower for about $20.  Note he uses a RubberMade tub at the bottom to: 1) allow you to dump the gray water away from your campsite , and 2) to store the parts. www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC4nihIuKAM

Solution 4

Hang an inflatable shower stall from to top of your RV.



Solution 5

Make a hanging PVC pipe shower curtain rod to hand from the top of the RV.


IMG_0965mod IMG_0964mod

Add on items

1) A shower floor that keeps out out of the dirt. I covered this in an earlier post.


Handy shower caddy and floor cover.

Handy shower caddy and floor cover.

2) Shower Bag


11 thoughts on “DYI – How To Build An RV Outdoor Shower Stall

  1. Reblogged this on Camp That Site and commented:

    Some of the nicest campgrounds don’t have hook ups and watching your grey water becomes an issue. Here are some ideas on making an outdoor shower stall. Thought it was worth posting again for those new to my blog.


  2. we converted a main floor closet with a window into a shower stall. We’d leave the window open from spring thru fall. The lilac bush was directly outside the window and provided natural air freshener. Next best thing to showering outside. Great post.


  3. A variety of camping and outdoors themed bath towels can be found all over the internet. Bed Bath & Beyond has sets of towels reminiscent of classic lodges, fishing and woodland scenes. Hook these fun bath towels to the side of an RV with magnetic hooks or 3M Command Strips.


  4. We picked up an antifatigue mat at a home improvement store to use as a floor for a shower stall. We can use the mat outside the camper to help keep dirt out of the camper when not used for the shower. The mat hass holes in it to allow water to drain away.


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