Camping Reflections Of 2015

As we enter the last day of 2015 it seems fitting to feature the highs and lows of my blogging year. This brainchild started just over a year ago and has done so much better than I expected. Here is quick summary of my blogging year.

  • 108 countries
  • Over 98000 views.
  • 200 blog post on various camping topics.
  • Most important I have met so many interesting people with similar interest. Thank you all for reading.

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Run From “The Hills”, A Campers Day At The Spa!

I realize this will open me up for all kinds of ‘Glamping’ shots, but it’s a day that had me in tears laughing so it’s a story that must be told.


IMG_2170During our annual family and friends camping trip the females decided to treat ourselves to a Girl’s Day Out at The Hills Health Ranch.

When “The Hills” opened several years back it was touted as a luxury resort.  None of us thought to check Trip Advisor for current reviews… Mistake #1

IMG_2168As a large group, we called ahead and were advised they could accommodate two groups of 3.  They were pleased to offer the rest of us use of their facilities (pool, hot tub, sauna and workout facilities) for just $10. Excited for a day at a mountain retreat, we headed over. Continue reading