Camping Reflections Of 2015

As we enter the last day of 2015 it seems fitting to feature the highs and lows of my blogging year. This brainchild started just over a year ago and has done so much better than I expected. Here is quick summary of my blogging year.

  • 108 countries
  • Over 98000 views.
  • 200 blog post on various camping topics.
  • Most important I have met so many interesting people with similar interest. Thank you all for reading.

Here are some of my favourite blog post.

My favourite camping trip of all time: Bella Pacifica Campground in Tofino, BC. The view, endless beaches and surfing experience was second to none. We created family memories that still make the “best of” list for all of us. The campground, Bella Pacifica, was also worth staying at if you make it to this area.


My favourite family camping trip this year: Bonanza Resort on Horse Lake. The views were amazing, the weather was great and the memories were endless. It’s a trip we take with several other families. This year we tried a new campground, Bonanza Resort and it turned out to be fantastic. We all spent time doing activities together, having evening campfires and playing games.


My most memorable camping trip this year: Heading back to the lake we were married at was a true highlight.  Lightening Lakes Provincial Park has to be one of BC’s most beautiful parks and turned out to be a wonderful and relaxing weekend getaway.
My best hike of 2015: Easily Joffer Lake Provincial Park. The photos of this hike look like they are off a post card. It is a moderate hike so you end feeling like you have accomplished something. I will most certainly do it again.
My best accomplishment this year: driving, backing up and parking our new trailer. I know that doesn’t sound like much to many of you but for me it was huge. I was so excited it warranted its own blog, X Marks the Spot.  Next year I have bigger hopes but for now I will celebrate this small task.
My funniest post to write: this was hard because they were all fun to write but the one that gave me the most laughs was our disaster “spa” visit to the Hills Health Resort. This “not so luxurious retreat” had me “Running for the Hills”. Keep in mind they are under new ownership so it may be better now.
My favourite new camping product this year is also my second most viewed post:  Skyhooks. Living in BC, tarping from the rain is a necessity, so anything to make that job easier is a welcome addition. I was lucky enough to give these a try and they lived up their promise.
Thank you all for taking the time to read and be part of my blogging scrapbook. I look forward to hearing from you in 2016.
Happy New Year to you all.

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