Great Camping Items for Fido!

Camera 015 If you are a camper then there is a good chance you are a dog owner as well. Our dogs love to go camping, you can feel their excitement once they realize you are hooking up the trailer and they might get to come. They rush to the door every time we open it just hoping it is time to head for the truck until finally we give them the nod and off they run jumping into the back ready to head out with their favourite people.Camera 017

If only it was that easy for their owners. The long road trips, the cramped quarters, hot days, extened day trips they cannot tag along on, and the beaches they are not allowed on all contribute to the planning needed when taking your pets camping. Thankfully there is an entire market just waiting to sell us all the right product for our every need. Here is a small list of items to make that next trip easier for you and your 4 legged companion.

For the vehicle, a no spill water container and bowl. Only $15.95

image image

For the camp site, an over head rope for a dog run. Only $35


Rain or Sun, this bed will do the trick. $49.95


For the darkness of camping, a entire LED collar, $20.00

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