Jessie M. Honeyman – Florence, Oregon

My favourite State Park along the Oregon Coast. Check it out, it’s a great family park with lots to do nearby.

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The first time we explored the Oregon Coast we were in a tent trailer and had two young children. Changing camp grounds did not sound appealing to us and most ocean-front campground reviews suggested you pack warm clothes because of the cool ocean breeze. We live on the west coast so we get plenty of the cool ocean breeze; what we wanted was the warm southern sun and a home base to explore all the area has to offer. For those reason we decided on Jessie M. Honeyman State Park. It was far enough south that we could expect warmer weather, and it’s sand dunes buffered us from the cool ocean breeze while allowing us to experience the unique sand dunes for the first time. This park is a great location for a base camp because of its easy drive to all the great southern Oregon Coast attractions.

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