Kettle Valley Railway Hike – Kelowna, BC

Blairs Iphone 498Myra Canyon Society mapPart of the famous Kettle Valley Railroad runs through Kelowna and is spectacular.

This 12 km portion of the former  railway goes through the Myra Canyon and is a great ride for bicyclists of all levels. As you ride, walk or run along the railway bed you will cross 18 trestles and go through 2 tunnels. You will marvel at the turn of the century engineering used to construct the mountainous railway and these amazing structures.In 2003, 12 of the trestles were destroyed by forest fires and between then and 2008 a massive project was launched to reconstruct them to near exact replicas. This project was coordinated by the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society, and the work they organized was nothing short of amazing.  After biking these, I cannot imagine them not being reconstructed for future generations, they truly are a sight to be seen.


Photo from Kettle Valley Restoration Society Website.

Picture from Kettle Valley Restoration Society Website.

Picture from Kettle Valley Restoration Society Website.

Today, this route can be traveled as a loop via June Springs Road/Little White FSR or as a ‘there and back’ route from Myra Station to Ruth Station. The ‘there and back’ route is much less strenuous because you drive up to Myra Station saving the 500 vertical meter climb to the railway bed.

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Moms IPhone 175 - CopyThe path is mostly packed gravel which can get a little muddy on a rainy day like ours.  Most summer days are apparently sunnier.  The tressels themselves are timbers that you can look down between, except for the~ 5 ft wide wooden bike path.  Bear in mind, you’re looking down hundreds of feet.

Blairs Iphone 505There are a few options for taking in the trail. If you are visiting in the area and don’t have bikes, not to worry, there are bike rental companies that will meet you at either routes starting point and rent you all the equipment you need. There are also some fabulous guided tours that will set you up with equipment if needed but also give you an informational tour of the trail. These tours vary in length and duration so there is surely something for everyone.

Moms IPhone 176Moms IPhone 178Whatever you decide keep in mind this portion of the Kettle Valley Railroad is very high in elevation and therefore much cooler than the city of Kelowna. The elevation makes the views breathtaking and the scenery spectacular. This is a 5 star attraction and a must see if you are in the Okanagan.

The Kelowna portion is only a small section of the KVR, which runs throughout the southern interior region of British Columbia.  Check out our blog on it’s Othello Tunnels near Hope, BC.  The KVR trail is part of the TransCanada Trail.

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Oh, and check out Kelowna’s wines afterwards


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