H – 5 Hammock styles for your next camping trip!


As part of the A to Z Challenge I need to post every day in April,except Sundays. Today I am at H and what represents relaxing better than sleeping in a hammock. Who knew there were so many kinds of hammocks. Well in keeping with my last few posts here are my top 5 picks for kinds of hammocks

1. Your basic rope hammock: There are several varieties of these hammocks. You can choose a single or double and they often come in fun summer colors. They can range from very inexpensive to a bit more luxurious but for the purpose of camping I would opt for the lower end. All you need is some rope and 2 trees. If you can find two trees with a view, all the better.

rope hammock

Double Rope Hammock





Hammock 3

Yucatan Rope Hammock





2. Nylon Hammocks: great for sleeping in, napping in or just enjoying an afternoon book. They are light weight, pack up into a small space and are easy to clean up. Due to the nylon they do not breath as well but are the choice of campers looking for sleeping quarters.


Single Nest Hammock

Available from Eagle Nest Outfitters

Packs down to the size of a softball



Blackbird Nylon Hammock

Available from Warbonnet Outdoors

Packs small, has a mosquito netting and foot shelf



3.Hammock Swings: Great for morning coffee, reading or just enjoying an afternoon drink. These require only one hanging point so they are much easier to place in a campsite. They come in several styles and colors to meet your needs. We bought one during a trip to Mexico and now every time we hang it we are reminded of those great memories.


Brazilian Hammock Chair

Sold at Costco.ca

Cotton fabric with a hanging spreader bar




Caribbean Hammock Chair

Sold by Amazon.com

Polyester cords with a wooden spreader bar



4.Hitch Hammocks:  great if you don’t have any trees or just want to back in somewhere for a picnic. You will need a trailer hitch but after that you are on your way. You can find single or double option, covered or uncovered and with a foot rest or without. Fun option to buy if you have the storage room.


Hitch Hammocks

Sold by Amazon.com




5. Pet Hammocks:  for those dog lovers here is a great hammock for the back seat. Help keeps the family pet comfortable and your back seat clean and odor free. Great option of you travel with pets.


Waterproof hammock seat cover for pets. 

Sold by Amazon.com 



For those wondering about how you actually sleep in a hammock here is a great link with tips and products to help you out.


Update: here is a link to a neat hammock and a review to go with it. http://thecampsiteblog.com/2015/09/25/review-tribe-provisions-adventure-hammock-shona-marie/#comment-25657

8 thoughts on “H – 5 Hammock styles for your next camping trip!

  1. Hammocks are great – I have one that packs up like a tailgating/camping chair for traveling. Sadly, I think my backseat is too permeated with Choppy fur and smell for a backseat hammock to do any good!


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