Golden, BC

Check out Camp That Site‘s banner photo above.  It’s such a fantastic mountain view from a private woodsy campsite that, to me, it epitomizes the perfect British Columbian camping getaway.  Problem is, we can’t remember what campground this is so I haven’t been able to do a review!  If anyone recognizes this place, please let me know.

Here is what we do remember about this campground

  • it was just east of Golden on the south side of the TransCanada Hwy.  Or maybe it was just outside Revelstoke?  Or maybe it was Canyon Springs??
  • it was an older, private campground
  • on the south/west side of the campground, was this gorgeous mountain view with a nearby town down in the valley
  • in August, down the slope lives a herd of big horn sheep
  • it was 2008 when we visited, so the place may have closed down since then.  We can’t locate such a place or find similar images on Google.

Below, check out other awesome photos of this same campground.  Yes, the big horn sheep came right into our site!

As a general impression of camping near Golden, I can say:

  1. its a beautiful part of the Rockies, just an hour west of Banff.
  2. we used it as an overnight stop on a long trip from Vancouver to Alberta’s dinosaur area.   We broke that first leg of the trip up with a long half-way lunch stop at Kamloop’s riverside park.
  3. the Golden area itself has great hiking and some hot springs.

Our perfect campsite


Our friends


Our backyard


We hope your family can enjoy this overnight stay as well



10 thoughts on “Golden, BC

  1. We’ve been to Golden several times, mostly in winter to go skiing. But we have had some nice hiking there as well during summer. A very nice area:)


  2. Beautiful photos! I really love the one with the mountain goats so close to your camp. I didn’t realize you are participating in blogging from A-Z! I’ll be following you! 🙂

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  3. OMG – some of my favourite memories of family vacations with our boys happened in Golden! … hiking at Kicking Horse Resort, white water rafting, hang-gliding, horseback riding … we did it all. We laughed a LOT and dropped into bed at night exhausted 🙂
    Excellent choice!! Would go back there in a minute … and yes, the scenery is breathtaking!!

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