Girls Camping Weekend! The Difference A Family Makes 

IMG_6006This weekend I am heading to a local campground with a few coworkers for a girls weekend. We all work in an elementary school so as we wade into June this weekend will be a great way to celebrate the end to another school year and help us recharge as we work through the last crazy month of school. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping with my family, but getting away for a girls weekend is an entirely different kind of trip.

How is camping with the girls any different than camping with your family? That question would only come from a husband or child, but if you are wondering, let me summarize.

OK Park1. Food: First, we need a lot less of it. Second, not having steak or bacon on the shopping list is the first sign there is no testosterone attending. We prefer to graze (code for eat all day) on appetizer type foods. Dips, cheese, crackers and fruit are the main features on the menu.

2. Clean up: When camping with family it often feels like you get one meal cleaned up in time to start the next.   With “the girls” the dishes just magically disappear every time someone gets a drink.

IMG_59983. No pets: Because the family is staying home, so are the dogs. This makes the biggest difference to the level of relaxation. No barking every time a fellow camper walks by, no early morning pee walks and no leash dances while trying to untangle them from around camp chairs.

4. Games: On girls weekends the games are all about laughs and socialization. Heads Up, Taboo, and Cards Against Humanities replace crib, Risk and other competative type games. Everyone participates and each game ends when the wine bottles are empty.

IMG_0166I would never change any of my family camping trips. If you are familiar with my blog you will understand that camping is our one real chance to connect as a family. It allows us to get away from the chaos of our everyday life and enjoy time together. Having said that, I am looking forward to some time with my friends, where I don’t have to be a mom or a wife and can just think of me. That sounds selfish I know, but I can’t wait.

My wine is chilling, the sunscreen is packed and my my chair is at the door. Bring on the weekend and I know my family will be excited to hear all the crazy camping stories when I get back.


8 thoughts on “Girls Camping Weekend! The Difference A Family Makes 

  1. Getting away with friends in no way reflects negatively on a family or spousal relationship. A change of scenery including those we socialize with energizes our emotional batteries and makes returning to our loved ones that much more special. I agree with your sentiments completely. Now, turn off your computer and go enjoy a lovely weekend with some good friends!! 🙂

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    • Well I really did enjoy the weekend and it was great to come back to my family. All the emails and blog posts now need to be caught up on. I always look forward to your comments, they are always so positive and encouraging, thanks.

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  2. I feel we’re better mom’s and wives when we get in those breaks. And a girls outing is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate. Have fun and I want to hear all the latest gossip. I can keep a secret 😆

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