Mosquitos Be Gone! A Summary Of Your Top Solution.

imageI shared my “Chuckle Monday – Mosquito Madness” with some Facebook Groups and was surprised with the variety of solutions I was offered. I got the usual remedies that we all know about but I also got some interesting home remedies that I plan to try out. Here are the most common solutions.

Top items you can purchaseimage

  • Johnson’s baby cream oil, aloe vera & vitamin D: I had never heard of this but it was mentioned by numerous fellow campers so it must be worth a try.
  • THERMACELL: I have seen this in the stores but always thought it was a bit pricey especially when I was not sure if it would work. By all the responses it appears it works.
  • Skin So Soft by Avon: apparently in the green container. I have heard this for years, never tried it, but again there were several posts singing its praises so I suspect it would be worth a try.
  • Mosquito Bages: this is a product out of the USA, not sure if it works but would be easy.
  • Watkins Insect Repellent: Watkins products are usually good quality so there is no reason to think the bug spray wouldn’t be as well. It was mentioned by several as well.
  • A fan
  • Light coloured clothing


Top home remedy items.

  • In a 16 oz bottle mix: 15 drops of lavendar oil, 3-4 tbsp vanilla extract, 1/4 cup lemon juice, fill with water, shake and it’s ready to use. Sounds like it smells great.
  • In a bottle mix 1/3 off, 1/3 dettol, 1/3 cheap body moisturizer (unscented), a few drops lavendar oil, mix and lather on.image
  • Dryer sheets (bounce was mentioned by most) wipe exposed body part with the sheets as well as tables and chairs to deter mosquitos from the area.
  • In a large spray bottle combine: a big bottle of blue cheap mouthwash, 3 cups Epsom salt, 3 stale 12 oz cheap beer. Mix until salt is dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit near, tables, chairs, plants, post, it will not harm anything and they claim it will deter mosquitos for 80 days before you have to reapply to furniture or yard area. Now that would be nice.
  • A smokey campfire

4 thoughts on “Mosquitos Be Gone! A Summary Of Your Top Solution.

  1. Last time we visited western Canada the mosquitos were ferocious and everywhere had sold out of remedies! I’ve found Skin so Soft good too, though mostly used against Scottish midges.. However, where we are going this year is so windy I don’t think we’ll be bothered…


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