5 Surprising Reasons October Camping Should Be On Your List.


Camping in Canada is usually a summer activity and for most winterizing has occurred in early September.IMG_2498 Up to last summer that was us. For 12 years we camped in a tent trailer and being fair weather campers we never considered camping past the labour day weekend. I know that sounds really wimpy but I am okay with that. I have previously admitted to being a rural camper and I embrace that label with pride, but now that we have an RV I figured it was a great time to try fall camping. That along with an outstanding weather forecast and a couple of friends eager to join in, made the decision to camp inviting. I can honestly say it was the best decision we made. Here are 5 reason why it worth that last fall adventure…..IMG_2490 IMG_2507 IMG_2519 IMG_2504

  1. imageSpontaneity: This is a word not commonly linked to camping in BC. We have to plan our summer trips 3 months ahead of time and then sit by the computer at 7:59am waiting to hit the reserve button in hopes to secure a site before the other 500 people doing the same thing. If you camp into late September and October you will find parks and campgrounds with plenty of vacancy and you can wait for the weekend weather report before deciding to book. We camped this weekend and only booked on Wednesday, an option never available to us in the summer.
  2. imageFall colors: With the arrival of fall comes the changing of the landscape. The same park I visited in June looked completely different in October. The trees have changed to beautiful shades of orange, the grass has gone from a dried hay look to a lush green and the morning dew and sunrise make for a perfect coffee setting.
  3. IMG_2508Cooler Temperatures: There are so many great hikes in BC, but in the heat of the summer it is often too hot to tackle them, or if you hit a cooler day they are too busy to enjoy. Come the fall, the trails have emptied out and the temperatures are perfect for a long walk or hike.
  4. Getting away from the rat race: By the time mid September arrives IMG_2510everyone is back into their same old busy routine. Homework has become the norm, team sporting events are filling calendars beyond parents driving ability, and the housework list is showing signs of summer neglect. It is easy to forget to schedule time to relax and reconnect. A fall camping trip is the perfect excuse to do that. Cool evening campfires provide the perfect setting for family and friends to gather.
  5. imageCheaper Rates: Many private campgrounds move to winter rates in mid September. This can save you anywhere from 10 – 25% off the regular rates for the same campsite.

Although this is my first venture into fall camping I can say I really enjoyed it and if the weather holds out maybe just maybe I will be writing about November camping???

5 thoughts on “5 Surprising Reasons October Camping Should Be On Your List.

  1. I’ll bet fall weather camping brings out different type of people as well making for a different type of experience. Of course, moving into December camping might limit your exposure to Frosty the Snowman! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the new experience. I’m telling you, growth and development keeps life interesting (and challenging!) 🙂

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