Welcome to Camp That Site. I got the idea to start this blog after 12 years of camping. Each time we arrived at a campground we would take a walk and make notes of the sites we would try to book the next time we camped there.

My blog has now been up and running over  3 years and so it has evolved. I still review campground sites but now have so much more. Camping gadgets, stories, games, photos, recipes, hikes. things to do and humour have all made its way into my blog along with personal stories that sometimes are more related to life than camping.

I will still continue to add reviews as we visit new campground and will follow the same format and goals that I set out with. Telling you which sites have traffic noise, which are big, which sites are best if you are camping with other families, etc. etc. etc. You will notice we do not included prices. These will change from season to season so I have included the campground link at the top of each post so you can easily access up to date information. I also avoid talking about management unless they are outstanding. We find great management certainly enhances our trips but just average or poor management does not ruin it. It is also a variable that can change from season to season and if you follow the camp ground rules and campers etiquette we have found even bad management will leave you alone.

We live in such an amazing area to camp that there is no way we will get to a fraction of the campgrounds around us. We are hoping our fellow campers will be able to share their thoughts and advice so that together we can Camp That Site the first time!

A Bit About Me…

Blairs Iphone 399 

Crater Lake, BC

 I am Shannon and for the past 15 years my husband, Blair, and our two children have camped all over BC, Alberta, Washington and Oregon  in a pop up trailer. While our friends all moved up to motor homes and hard sided travel trailers we stuck it out. We really enjoyed our tent trailer and it worked great with two young kids but in summer of 2014 that all changed. That July we were heading home from the Shuswap and were just leaving Merritt when all of a sudden our left tent trailer wheel went flying off the trailer and we hit the pavement. 4 hours later and $500 in towing we were back in Merritt trying to arrange for repairs on the July long weekend.

A week later the tent trailer was home, the repairs all done and I was ready for a big girl trailer.  I was done with the cranking up, pulling out, and drying off. I wanted a few more comforts and a lot more convenience. So two weeks later the tent trailer had a new home and we were the proud owners of  a 20 foot travel trailer.  I feel like I am now a “glamper” but I will take the label and wear it proudly.

Blairs Iphone 258

We have now completed several trips in our new vacation home and we love it. We have learned a lot and made many mistakes. I hope that you will find my site helpful and entertaining. It has become a favourite hobby of mine and any feedback or ideas would be very welcome.

Thanks for stopping by


29 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s really hard to find out which are the best sites in a campground and you have come up with a great solution! Your blog will be a great help to many RV’ers and campers. Thanks for following my blog! Happy camping!


  2. I saw your post on harsh reality and thought I would stop by. I don’t think I have any camping blogs in my feed, so you will be the first. The one and only time I went camping “lite”, three years ago it rained buckets. I still think my shoes are wet.


  3. Congratulations and enjoy that new trailer, and welcome to the world of Glamping. From your About page, I assume you are a fellow BC’er. Summer of 2016 we have to spend time in BC, so will haul our 5th wheel around the Province. Wiil be reading your posts with interest.

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      • One thing that many fellow RV’ing readers find useful is comments on access and site suitability for big rigs, especially in Provincial Parks. In our case, the 5th wheel is 41′ and with truck we are a shade over 60′ and about 13′ 04″ in height. Therefore, before even looking at the services provided I am checking the access roads, length of sites and ability to access/egress the sites and I find the best info comes from fellow RV’ers.


  4. This is a great service. My neighbor on the right through the woods, and my neighbor on the left through the woods and over the brook both have RV type things. I bet they would find something like this very handy.
    Their houses are less woodsy so I do not give them a hard time for leaving to camp elsewhere. 🙂

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  5. However many of the best parts of Australia lie beyond the end of the bitumen, and a smaller off-road van or trailer will allow you to spend time in some wonderful places – that most caravans can only dream about.

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