Camp That Site, Fun New Look, Topics and Reviews!

We are back!

After not posting for 20 months I am starting up again. In August of 2017 I had run out of campgrounds to write about and unique stories to tell. I didn’t want the site to become filled with posts not relevant to the topic so I just put it on hold until I could gather new material and feel inspired.

For the past year and a half we have been busy with life. Our kids have both headed off to university and we have enjoyed supporting their new adventures. Sadly, both our moms passed away keeping us closer to home to support our fathers. It is amazing how time has past so quickly and how some of our interests have been put aside . As we settled into the new ‘normal’ I feel inspired start posting again.

If you have read my blog you know we are social campers and often camp with friends and family. Now that our kids are adults we have found our camping has evolved. It has gone from building sand castles cities, chasing kids on bikes, and roasting marshmallows to floating on the lake, golfing, visiting wineries, boccie tournaments and having beverages by the campfire. It is a relaxing stage of life and I wanted my website to reflect our new interests.

There is now a golf tab, hiking tab and winery/craft beer tab. Here you will find links and post to all the trails we hike, courses we play and establishments we visit. I hope you find some interesting and helpful post in these new tabs.


3 thoughts on “Camp That Site, Fun New Look, Topics and Reviews!

  1. Welcome back. Just a quick note. On your Alice lake blog it says “ be sure to book 90 days in advance”. Not sure if you have it posted somewhere else, but this has change now to 120 days in advance. This change took place last year for all Provincial parks, and you can now start booking at 7 am on weekends from the website, previous was 9 am weekends and 7am weekdays. I love reading your stuff! >


  2. Great to have you back Shannon. We’ll try to keep you up to date on our travels. We’re thinking of taking a run up to Elk Falls Provincial Campground near Campbell River very soon. It’s right on the Quinsam River and the Cutthroat Trout should be there by now. This is a nice campground especially for anglers as it’s on the Quinsam and walking distance to the Campbell River. Also close to town for supplies and there are two very good museums there. One is on the history of the area which owes its prosperity fishing and logging and the other is a Maritime Museum. Both are worth a look. There is a ferry to Quadra Island where you will find a Cultural Centre at Tsa Kwa Luten on the lands of the Wei Wai Kai Nation. There are campgrounds at Tsa Kwa Luten and Wei Wai Kai (on Rebecca Spit). Quadra abounds in natural beauty and has its share of local artisans to tempt you. Enjoy!


    • We have booked our trip to the island this summer. We are starting at Miracle Beach and then heading to Port Hardy. We are staying at Cluxewe Resort for 5 nights. That will give us time to explore the Northern Island. After that we head to Loveland Bay for 2 nights then to the Horne Lake Caves and home. Not sure what you two are up to mid July but if your around maybe we can meet up


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