WOW Golf Course, Penticton BC – Review

Well the name says it all – WOW Golf:

  • WOW – The view!
  • WOW – The number of balls we lost!
  • WOW – The challenging greens!
  • WOW – I am so glad we had a cart!
  • WOW – That was a fun round of golf!

This unique and challenging 9 hole course is worth an afternoon of golf. We were camping at OK Falls Provincial Park and planned to golf each morning and hit wineries in the afternoon. After a round at WOW Golf I think we might have been smarter to hit the wineries before the golf course.

This executive size nine hole course is located just outside of Penticton and offers amazing views of the lake and Okanagan Valley. It is a desert style course with plenty of sage brush, valley’s and challenging greens. Unless you are a mountain goat I would highly recommend renting a cart. The elevation between holes is considerable and the Okanagan summers can get very hot so walking uphill at 40 degrees can take the fun out of golfing in a hurry.

Speaking from experience, I also recommend bringing lots of extra balls. You are often hitting over sage brush valleys and hills. If you lose a ball you are not likely to retrieve it due to prickly sage brush or fear of snakes. We lost count of the number of balls we lost but each member of our foursome was over a sleeve into the day.

The course boasts about its practice facilities but we didn’t try them out. If we lived in the area we might make use of them but with all the wineries in the area, practicing golf was not on the agenda.

If you are looking for a fun and unique afternoon of golf I would definitely recommend vising WOW Golf. The views are amazing and the golf is challenging. The price is right and the photos are worth every penny!

Links to camping revies in the area:

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